Surviving The Man Flu

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We’ve all heard jokes about the “man flu” and if the man in your life has been sick with the flu you may have your own theories on whether this really exists or not. Do men really experience symptoms of the flu worse than women do? Are men more likely to get the flu than women?

Scientists have done some research (yes, I’m serious) into the man flu and their results may surprise you. According to recent studies, results suggest estrogen has anti-viral qualities that provide women with greater protection against influenza. Some scientists also believe it is the male predilection for a “live fast, die young” lifestyle that means in evolutionary terms they have failed to build up their immune systems like females.

So what does this mean to you – the wife? Time to get prepared with the Man Flu Survival Kit! No, I’m not talking about a kit filled with chicken noodle soup, tissues and pain relievers to help him get through the flu. I’m talking about a Man Flu Survival Kit for YOU to help you get through the long days and nights of caring for your man. What exactly goes in your Man Flu Survival Kit? Fill it with things that help you relax like some chocolate, magazines, stress-relief adult colouring books, bubble bath, earplugs (I’m kidding!) or anything else to help you – the caregiver. We also have a free printable Man Flu Survival Kit label that you can use to label your box of supplies.

Surviving the Man Flu

If you do want to put together a Get Well Soon Basket for him <- check out that post filled with creative ideas.

The best tip to avoid all of this is to get your flu shot. Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies offer flu immunizations administered by an injection-certified pharmacist. You don’t even need an appointment!

Yes, I’m poking fun of the man flu a bit here but in reality the flu is no laughing matter. No one wants to be stuck at home or hospitalized with the flu. Check out these 20 Tips for Avoiding The Flu to help keep you and your family healthy.


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