Ways to Surprise Your Kids with a Disney Vacation

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Have you planned a surprise Disney trip and now you’re wondering how to surprise your little ones with the news? Here are some fun ideas that are easy to put together. Be sure to have your video camera ready because you’re going to want to record these fun memories! Surprise Disney Trip

1) Secretly pack their bags while they are at school. You can then drive straight to the airport after school and have them guess where you are going.

2) Make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and surprise them during breakfast. Not a pancake fan? No problem! Here are plenty of Disney recipe ideas that you could use to help reveal your surprise.

3) Write a small note like “We’re going to Disneyland!” and then put it in a small box. Wrap this box and then place it in a slightly larger box. Keep placing wrapped boxes inside wrapped boxes until you have multiple layers. Your children will have to unwrap many layers to get to their surprise!

4) Plan a Disney scavenger hunt by hiding clues around the home in areas related to Disney (like stuck on Disney toys, inside Disney DVD’s, inside Disney books, etc.). An example of a clue would be “Your next clue is hidden where Ken & Barbie met” and the clue would be hidden inside the DVD case for Toy Story 3. Your last clue could lead to the exciting news of the surprise Disney trip!

5) Fill a room with Disney party decor like balloons and tableware. Write the news in icing on a cake and have a fun celebration.

6) Hide a “We’re going to Walt Disney World!” note somewhere in the house and see how long it takes them to notice. Some examples are to write it on a mirror or window, stick a note on the fridge or hang a sign from a light fixture.

7) Mail your child a personal invite from Mickey Mouse himself!

8) If you are going on a Disney cruise, use permanent marker to write the surprise news on an inflated beach ball. Once the ink is dry, deflate the ball and have the kids blow it up for a family fun night. Once they inflate the ball, they’ll find the surprise Disney trip news!

9) On a family movie night, surprise your kids with the free Disney planner DVD. Click here to find out how to order your copy. Be sure to give them pens and paper to make notes of everything they want to see and do.

10) For a family fun night, have your children make some fun Disney crafts (click here for some ideas). Once complete, have them place these on display on a shelf where they’ll find a note telling them about the surprise Disney trip.

How did you let your kids know you planned a surprise Disney trip?

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