Doc McStuffins Game

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This fun Doc McStuffins game lists some of her patients along with their diagnosis. The goal of the game is to match each patient with the diagnosis he or she received from Doc. I absolutely love the fun names of each diagnosis! There are a lot here so it may be a bit tricky – I’d love to hear how you do – let us know in the comments below. If you love Doc McStuffins, don’t forget to check out our special Doc McStuffins category for even more fun ideas!

Doc McStuffins Game

Click here for the free printable Doc McStuffins Game.  The second page has the answers but here they are again for a quick reference. How many of these episodes do you remember?

Doc McStuffins Game Answers:

  • Ricardo Race Car: No-Vroom-Vroom-Atosis
  • Ben the Huggy Monkey: Huggy-Patch-Otis
  • Chilly: Mystery Pox
  • Sir Kirby: Dark Willies
  • Hermie: Claw-Be-Gone-Itis
  • Melinda the Mermaid: Stuck-Winder-Upper-Itis
  • Lenny the Fire Truck: Dried-Out-Atosis
  • Little Jack: Can’t-Pop-Itis
  • Glo-Bo: No-Glow-Atosis
  • Niles the Crane: Yucky-Old-Bandage-Osis
  • Lula the Whale: Wanna-Be-Big-Syndrome
  • Millie the Microphone: Repeatitis
  • Bronty: StinkySalamiBreath
  • Stuffy: Unburableburs
  • Riggo: Sandy-Scoop-Syndrome
  • Mr. Chomp: Loose-Tooth-eosis
  • Officer Pete: Over-heat-atosis
  • Awesome Guy: Righty-on-Lefty Syndrome
  • Bubble Monkey: Gunk-Inside-itude
  • Rescue Rhonda: Stuffed-Prop-Atosis
  • Robot Ray: Wetmosis
  • Boppy: Pricklethorns
  • Aurora: Blurry-Star-itis
  • Gabby: Stuffaninia
  • Susie Sunshine: Eyes-Wide-itis
  • Star Blazer Zero: Fall-Apart-Itude

My apologies to Doc if I haven’t used the correct spelling with each diagnosis.

You can find more Doc McStuffins games and colouring pages on

Who has been your favorite Doc McStuffins character? Mine is Awesome Guy!

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7 thoughts on “Doc McStuffins Game”

  1. Our daughter absolutely loves this show! She has asked for a Lambie, but so far I can’t find one in Canada (Toys R Us does have Doc & Lambie for 59.99, but don’t really feel like paying that lol), so my mom’s best friend in the states is going to pick me up one at Target there (hopefully!!), and she’s coming here on the 28th to visit the family…(thankfully they are ‘snowbirds’!)
    Now I’m trying to figure out how we’re going to get out of ordering Disney Jr channel lol!

    • Oh, I don’t know how we’d manage without the Disney Junior Channel here! We watch it every single day and it’s the only cartoon channel that we ever turn on. Our son loves the Doc McStuffins show too! His favorite is Stuffy. We were in Arizona last month (my parents are snowbirds too!) and we found a stuffed Stuffy for him. My mom called today to say she found a talking Stuffy for him but she doesn’t think she has room in her suitcase. 🙁 Perhaps she’ll surprise him! We’re actually heading to Disneyland in a week and there is a live Disney Junior on Stage production that includes a Doc McStuffins show. We’re so excited to “meet” her and the toys in person! 🙂 We’ll let Lambie know that your little one says “Hi”. 😉


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