Staycation Ideas – Sightseeing in Your Own City

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These fun staycation ideas at home will help you discover some new attractions & activities in your own city or a nearby town. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a fun family staycation. You may be surprised at just how many places exist in your city that you haven’t yet tried. Your kids will love helping to choose activity ideas as well.

Staycation Ideas at home

Staycation Ideas at Home:

  • Visit your local tourism office (either in person or online) and see what suggestions they have in your city. Are there historical places you could visit? A museum you haven’t toured? A new exhibit that just opened up? Your tourism office is sure to have some fun suggestions.
  • As you are out and about running daily errands, keep your eyes open for new places to visit. Is there a new restaurant in your area? Has a new recreation facility opened? You may be surprised by how many places you drive by daily but haven’t yet noticed.
  • Read your city’s event calendar and make note of festivals or events that are coming up. Mark them on your calendar so you don’t forget.
  • Purchase a map of your city and look at the parks & landmarks. Are there any that you have not yet visited?
  • Check the tourism office information for a nearby town. They may also have new places to visit, attractions to see & festivals to attend.
  • Make a list of things you’d like to try like horseback riding, virtual golf, etc. and then check your local listings to see if any local businesses offer these experiences.
  • Ask friends or family in your city where they go for family fun. If they were to suggest a local attraction to visitors, what would they recommend? Perhaps they have some staycation ideas of their own to share.
  • Check for anniversary events at your favorite attractions like the 50th anniversary of your local museum or the grand reopening of your local library. Some of these attractions may be planning special events.

Here are some more fun staycation ideas at home that are perfect for a summer staycation.

What is your favorite attraction in your own city?

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9 thoughts on “Staycation Ideas – Sightseeing in Your Own City”

  1. We moved away for 5 years. When we moved back it was eye opening! There was so many cool things to discover. We are all for stycations. We up it by staying at a hotel with a pool for the kiddos. 🙂 Great psot!

  2. All such great ideas, like always! In our case…we live in a small city so there isn’t much to do…but we can always drive to Seattle and enjoy downtown for an entire weekend.

  3. I found this summer many new places right here in my area, that growing up I never knew about. We visited the Indian Museum, The Great Ball of Twine, Homestead Nation Monument and so many others. Our favorite little fun thing we discovered is the Shoe Tree. I have lived here my whole life and never even knew about it. The entire tree and surrounding area is covered with shoes from people from all over.

  4. I love the idea of staycations…and it’s amazing what you learn about your own city that you might not have known otherwise. There’s so much to experience! 🙂

  5. We moved to a new city two years ago, and know that we’re only here for about another two years, so we’ve enjoyed getting out and seeing the sights. There’s tons to do here. Checking the city website (or other places that list local events) helps us come up with ideas for a weekend. That said, I can think of places in my hometown that I’ve never been to – or have only visited once or twice. So no matter where you live, there’s something to do! 🙂 Thanks for the tips.

  6. Great tips! We live in a small town however there are still lots of fun things to see and do. Downtown has a lovely park with ducks, geese and swans (including a black one!), there’s a free drop-in center for toddlers/kids and a local library with a great kids section (and free programs), and the township just built a huge rec centre nearby with an amazing swim complex and arena. There are also various annual fairs and festivals to enjoy.


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