Hosting a Shower for a New Pet

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Bringing home a puppy or kitten is a very exciting time for a family. It’s a moment worth celebrating! Here are some fun ideas for hosting a puppy or kitten shower to welcome your new fur baby home. Bringing Home a Puppy or Kitten We have two cats in our house – both adopted. For many years it was just my husband and I with three cats. They were our babies. Making the choice to adopt a pet is a big decision and one that everyone in the family should participate in. After bringing home a puppy or kitten, a fun way to welcome them is to host a puppy or kitten shower. If babies have baby showers, why not one for the fur babies too, right?! The kids will have lots of fun helping to put this together.

One of my favorite party designers, Chickabug, has created a free printable dog adoption kit (click here) that is perfect for including in a puppy shower. She also has one for kittens (click here). Both adoption kits are available in both pink and blue. These are the free printables you’ll see featured in the photos in this post. Bringing Home a PuppyYou can choose to invite friends and family as well. I’m sure everyone wants a chance to meet the newest member of your family. You could choose to invite other pets as well but it may be overwhelming for your new pet since he is just adjusting to his new home.

For your kitten shower, you could serve some kitten-approved dishes like tuna sandwiches and mice. An easy way to create some edible mice (that your guests will enjoy eating!) is to use a Hershey’s Kiss with two mini chocolate chips as ears.

When bringing home a puppy, your puppy shower food could include beef jerky and cookies in the shape of dog bones. Chickabug has also created a free printable puppy treat recipe card so you can make some doggie bags to send home for the furry guests that weren’t able to attend the party.

In lieu of gifts for your new furry family member, guests could be encouraged to bring a small donation for the local animal shelter. This is a great way to give to those who are still in the shelter waiting to find their forever home.

What would a shower be without shower games, right?! A fun game for the kids & pets is “find the squeaky toy”. Hide a squeaky mouse or dog toy and have the kids try to find it for a prize. The new furry friend can help in the search as well.

How did you welcome your new puppy or kitty into the family?

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9 thoughts on “Hosting a Shower for a New Pet”

  1. What a cute idea! There are so many pets that need adopting. All of our cats were adopted, two as adults. The animal doesn’t have to be a puppy or kitten to have a party for him or her!

  2. What a really cute idea. There are so many animals in shelter in need of a good home. I rescued my Alaskan Malamute-Cleo(she has passed away now) and it was such a good feeling to give a home to such a wonderful dog that no-one else wanted.

  3. These are wonderful ideas Cheryl!! I adore the little “mouse treats,” and of course your suggestion to support local shelters, too. THANK YOU for using my printables and for helping to spread the good word about pet adoption! : D

  4. Such a cute and neat idea!! I don’t think we’ll be getting another pet any time soon….but if I were I would so do this!! And probably get strange stares from my husband!

  5. These are such cute ideas, but I must not show my children. They have been begging for another puppy. I only wish but our Boots would be so jealous, after all he is the baby in the family.


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