Staycation Ideas

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You don’t have to travel far from home to enjoy these fun staycation ideas with your family. What is a staycation? It’s like a vacation but without the long road trip or air travel. It’s a holiday that you plan around your own home. Here are some fun ideas for planning a staycation with your family.

Staycation IdeasStaycation Ideas:

  • Create a water park in your backyard! Set up some fun outdoor sprinkler toys, bring along plenty of water balloons and pack your beach bag with everything you need to enjoy your day at the water park. You can bring out some large plants & umbrellas to make it look more like an island adventure. You can also have set up a concession stand with ice cream treats, hot dogs in fun hotdog takeout paper and fries in paper cones.
  • Try a  new restaurant that you’ve never been to
  • Spend the day at a local beach
  • Camp in the backyard or basement
  • Stay at a hotel in your city with a water slide and pool
  • Visit a park you’ve never been to. You could even make a list of all the parks in your city and try to visit as many new ones as you can in one day.
  • Cook a traditional meal from a fun destination. For example, do a little research on another area (let’s say Greece). Find out some traditions, find some recipes you’d like to try, even create a little quiz on the area to play during supper.
  • Turn your home into a fun spa for manicures and pedicures. Create a relaxing area with quiet spa music, small light appetizers and indulge in some pampering of your hands & toes.
  • Go on a hike for the day either on foot or go on a cycling adventure. Pack along a picnic and plenty of water.
  • Create your own art museum. Bring large rolls of paper and non-toxic finger paints and create your own artwork to display. You could even use this easy recipe for sculpture clay to create a masterpiece. Later that evening hold your art museum’s grand opening where you’ll display your artwork. Let each artist explain their masterpiece to the guests.

While enjoying these staycation ideas, it’s important to forget about the household chorse and regular errands. Just kick back and relax with the family!

Does your family have a favorite destination to visit within your own city?

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