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Not sure where to start for planning activities or gathering play date ideas?  A great idea is to contact local businesses with kid friendly programs that would be willing to do a free demonstration class.  The moms and little ones get to have fun trying a class for free and the demonstrator gets to promote their business to potential clients.  It’s always nice to try a new activity to see if it’s something you and your little one would enjoy signing up for.

A 30-minute demonstration is usually plenty of time.  This can be followed by 30 minutes of visiting while allowing the demonstrator to answer any questions the moms may have regarding their program.

Review through your city’s leisure guide to see what kid-friendly activities there are in your city.  Perhaps there is a Baby & Me Aquasize, Baby & Me Bootcamp, Baby & Me Yoga – all a lot of fun to try out!  Does your city have a website dedicated to promoting family activities?  This would be a great area as well to get ideas for sample classes.  Start by sending out emails to the companies you are interested in.  Let them know that you’ve started a moms & tots group in your area and you’d like to know if they’d be interested in doing a sample class for your group.  Most companies are more than willing to come to provide a sample class while getting an opportunity to promote their business.

See the page Ideas In Your City for words to research in order to find recreation guides/programs in your city.

Play Date Ideas or Demonstrations:

– baby & me fitness class

– baby & me dance class

– Zumba class for kids

– baby & me swimming

– baby massage

– baby signing

– librarian for story time (many libraries offer a free story time program with stories, songs and dancing)

– music class designed for introducing children to music

– musician to come play music for the children

– gymnastics trial class at a local gym

– for kids a bit older, sample skating class or sample soccer class

There are so many possibilities!  You’ll find a lot of ideas in your cities recreation guide or with a little help from Google.

In the next section, I’ll discuss ideas for guest speakers.

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