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All moms have parenting questions. How much should my baby be eating?  How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?  How do I keep my child safe?  A great idea is to contact local businesses or programs that would be willing to do a free chat with the group.  Just think of the types of questions you’d love to ask an expert if you had the chance – then start thinking of what organizations in your city would be able to answer those questions. With a little brainstorming, you’ll think of a lot of guest speaker ideas.

A 30-minute chat is usually plenty of time.  This can be followed by 30 minutes of visiting while allowing the guest speaker to answer any questions the moms may have.

Start by sending out emails to the companies you are interested in.  Let them know that you’ve started a moms & tots group in your area and you’d like to know if they’d be interested in doing a chat with your group.  You’ll be surprised at how many organizations welcome the opportunity to come out to visit your group.

See the page Ideas In Your City for some options in your city!

Guest Speaker Ideas:

– police service for a safety chat

– fire department for making an emergency plan for the family

– public health nurse

– public health nutritionist

– preschool teacher on how to help your child make the transition to preschool

– kindergarten teacher (may be difficult to find one available during the day – maybe someone in your group knows a retired teacher) on how to help your child make the transition to elementary school

– dentist or dental hygienist to talk about how to care for your babies new teeth, when to schedule the first dental checkup

– optometrist to talk about any site concerns and when to schedule your first visit

– how to teach your kids early about bullies and how to handle those situations

– safety talk on child proofing your home

– infant CPR

– car seat clinic to talk about properly installed safety seats, sizes for different stages for your children, etc.

There are many guest speaker ideas depending on what your group has an interest in.

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