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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring Christina of Something Chic Party & Event Design. She has some great tips for personalizing a party to make it unique for your child.

Something Chic Party and Event

1) What is Something Chic Party & Event Design?

Something Chic Party & Event Design is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Something Chic specializes in event design and styling creating one-of-a-kind decor for every occasion. We also assist in the planning process to make the event stress free and memorable from beginning to the end.

2) What are a couple of your favorite ways to take a somewhat ordinary party theme and customize it for the birthday girl or boy?

Since each person has different likes and dislikes, the best way to truly customize an ordinary party theme is to incorporate as many details that the birthday girl or boy loves. For example, if they would like a princess themed party, add details to the design like her favorite princess movie, what part of the princess movie is her favorite, her favorite colors and dessert. etc.

We also have a special line of party accessories which is called “Portrait Party”. This is a line which allows each child’s party to truly be personalized by using the child’s photo and turning it into an amazing illustrated cartoon portrait for their party decor. With a portrait design your child is featured on each detail of the decorative pieces. You name the decor you’d like your child’s portrait on, Something Chic is sure to make it happen. These decorations are in every way one-of-a kind!

Something Chic Party and Event

3) What reusable pieces of decor would you recommend for someone that throws a lot of parties?

Glassware is always a must. You can find great deals on glassware and this turns an ordinary party design to a more upscale looking design. Also, use real tableware. Most of the time you can find great deals on real tableware out of season or even at discount stores. Then, if you are like me and thrown a lot of family parties all year round, invest in real table linen. You would be surprised at how fast the plastic tablecloths add up and you can only use them once. Start off buying one linen at a time or if you find a sale, stock up while you can.

4) What are some of your favorite ways to dress up a plain or standard piece of party decor?

I am really known as the ribbon queen. I love to add ribbon on the most simple items. Ribbon is also very universal so you can use it on any item and for and event.

Something Chic Party and Event

5) Of all the parties you’ve styled, what piece in a party have you received the most compliments on?

All of the diaper cakes styled are very intricate and detailed. People are always very eager to compliment the way we take the theme of the shower and design the diaper cake to match perfectly.

A big THANK YOU to Christina for being featured this week! Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more creative ideas.

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