Frightfully Fun Halloween Cake Pop Ideas

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I love cake. I remember sitting in my Las Vegas hotel room 3 years ago today and gobbling down the remainder of my wedding cake. It was so good! I didn’t have to worry about fitting into my wedding dress anymore so I just dug right in. What could possibly make cake taste even better? When you pair it up with delicious candy and put it in a cute cake pop container! Since Halloween is creeping up on us quickly, I put together a few Halloween cake pop ideas. This is a great activity for you to enjoy with your children leading up to Halloween. You could even make special cake pops to deliver to you child’s little friends in the area. One of my favourite memories from Halloween as a child was making homemade treats for all our neighbourhood friends.

Halloween Cake Pop Ideas

Halloween Cake Pop Ideas:

Do you have a mini muffin tin? These make the perfect size cake for cake pop containers. Simply prepare mini cupcakes following the instructions on the back of a cake mix box. Since the mini cupcakes are smaller than regular cupcakes, the cooking time will be less as well. No time to bake mini cupcakes? No problem! Bite-sized brownies and a container of prepared icing work great as well.

Putting cake pops together is easy. Simply layer cupcake, icing, cupcake, icing and top with delicious candy. I add a bit of candy between the two layers as well.

A visit to your local candy store is a great place to start brainstorming Halloween cake pop ideas. For chocolate cake pops I tried:

  • half an oval-shaped chocolate cookie to look like a headstone and topped with ghost & bat confetti
  • Halloween coloured chocolate coated candy
  • gummy worms

Halloween Cake Pop Ideas

For the white cupcakes I tried:

  • a vampire teeth candy soother (like a ring pop)
  • pumpkin confetti and a gummy pumpkin
  • a candy eyeball and red sprinkles

Halloween Cake Pop Ideas

Have you ever made cake pops? What are some of your Halloween cake pop ideas?

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