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The first day of school is quickly approaching! Have you started to prepare yourself for the start of another school year? Not only do you have to start buying school supplies and shopping for the latest trends in cool new outfits but you also have to start thinking about packing lunches again. How original are you with school lunches? Do you make those adorable boxed lunches with food shaped liked butterflies and flowers? Or do you rush to slap something together as you send your children out the door in the morning? Here are some easy ideas for packing a lunch that your child will enjoy including some healthy fruit snacks with hidden veggies (brilliant, right?). I also have a BIG contest to tell you about where 3 lucky people will win $500 gift cards for groceries!

School Lunch Packing Tips:

First, you need to know what’s not allowed in school lunches. Does your child’s school have a peanut-free policy? Are there other items that aren’t allowed in lunches? Be sure to check the ingredients in your favourite snack foods to make sure they are allowed at school.

No one wants to see the same lunch you packed come home squished at the bottom of a backpack after school, right? Be sure to pack healthy food that your child enjoys. Also, a variety of small quantities is better than one large container of last night’s leftovers.

Pack foods that don’t require any heating or cooling. A backpack of school books is heavy enough without loading in some ice packs to keep a lunch cool. Also, kids likely won’t want to track down a teacher for help to heat their lunch.

Be sure to pack a lunch that will help give your child that boost of energy he needs throughout the school day and not sugary snacks that will leave him tired.

Do you ever feel tired mid-morning and crave a healthy snack to boost your energy? Be sure to pack a few small snacks that kids can easily gobble up between classes or a recess. A pouch of healthy fruit snacks is a great idea.

Healthy Fruit Snacks – Mott’s Fruitsations:

Do you pack carrot sticks in your child’s lunch but then find them buried at the bottom of their lunch kit at the end of the day? With Mott’s Fruitsations + Veggie fruit snacks, they’ll happily eat a nutritious snack that includes vegetables.

Healthy Fruit Snacks - Mott's Fruitsations

Mott’s Fruistations are healthy fruit snacks because they include vegetables and fruit, they are only 80 calories per pouch and they are naturally flavoured.

Healthy Fruit Snacks - Mott's Fruitsations

Healthy Fruit Snacks - Mott's Fruitsations

Mott’s Fruitsations come in two different varieties: Assorted Fruit and Berry. They are packed full of flavour and are so soft and easy to chew that they make an excellent snack for my toddler. Look how cute those mini carrots are!

Healthy Fruit Snacks - Mott's Fruitsations

Healthy Fruit Snacks - Mott's Fruitsations

We can’t leave the house without a few bags of healthy fruit snacks packed in my purse. My son has a peanut and tree nut allergy so we always have to keep a few snacks on hand because we worry about a lot of the foods served at bakeries and restaurants.

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Win a $500 Prepaid Cash Card:

Who wants to win a $500 prepaid cash card? Be sure to visit the Life Made Delicious Facebook page to enter their contest for a chance to win one of three $500 prepaid cash cards. The contest ends September 8, 2013. Good Luck!

Which of these healthy fruit snacks are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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