Scrabble Day

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Scrabble Day FunThe official Scrabble Day falls on April 13th each year.  This is a great reason to plan a fun game of Scrabble with your family and friends. For those of you who don’t know what Scrabble is, it is a game that uses a board and letter pieces. Players must use the letter pieces they have to spell words and earn points. It’s a fun game that educates you at the same time!

Scrabble Day Snacks:

To make this Scrabble Day even more special, try making some Scrabble inspired snacks such as:

  • iced cookies or brownies in square shapes and decorated to look like Scrabble pieces
  • your favorite appetizer foods but with labels made out of Scrabble pieces

You could even group snacks according to the letter that each food starts with. The “C Snacks” could be cookies, chips, crackers, cheese, etc.

Or you could even trade food items for Scrabble points.  For example, if someone wants to try some delicious spinach & artichoke dip, they must first earn enough points to trade in for food! My dad love playing Scrabble but isn’t very good so he’d probably go hungry if he had to trade in points for snacks!

If you wanted to make your Scrabble Day game more difficult, you could choose a theme such as places or animals.  All proposed words must be related to the theme in order to win points.

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