Classic Party Games

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Looking for some classic party games for your child’s next party?  Check out these games that children have been playing for years yet they’re still fun for children today!

Classic Party Games

Classic Party Games for Kids:

Pin The Tail On The Donkey:  You can buy this classic game at your local dollar store or you could create your own revised version using a poster of your child’s favorite character & then use some construction paper to cut out some pieces to “pin”.  For example, pin the sword onto the knight’s hand or pin the parrot onto the pirate’s shoulder.

Musical Chairs:  Play music while all the children walk around the chairs.  There will be one more chair than there are children.  When the music stops, all the children scramble to sit on a chair.  The child left without a chair is out of the game and the next round starts.  The game continues until there is only 1 chair and 1 child left.  If you don’t have enough chairs to go around, you could also use pillows.

Cotton Ball Game:  Place a large amount of cotton balls into a large bowl.  You’ll also need a second large bowl, a spoon and a blindfold.  Each child takes a turn being blindfolded and they must try to scoop as many cotton balls with the spoon into the second bowl.  No hands (other than the hand holding the spoon) are allowed.  After a set time limit, remove the blindfold and count the cotton balls in the second bowl.  Move the cotton balls back into the first bowl and let the next child have a turn.  The child with the most cotton balls transferred is the winner!

Guess The Jelly Beans:  Fill a glass jar with jelly beans and have each child take a guess on how many jelly beans are in the jar.  Have each child write their guess & name on a piece of paper and drop their guess into a bucket.  The child closest to the correct amount wins the jar of jelly beans!

Egg & Spoon Race:  Each child is given 1 hard boiled egg and 1 spoon.   At the sound of a whistle, each child must race through the course to the finish line.  If a child drops their egg, they must return to the starting line and start over again.  No hands on the egg – each child must only use the spoon for balancing.  The first child through the finish line with their egg on their spoon wins.  To make this a bit more difficult, set up obstacles to jump over, under and through in order to reach the finish line.  For example, run in and out of pylons, crawl under chairs, have a backwards portion to the race, etc.

How many of these classic party games have you played? Do you remember any other classic party games from when you were a child?

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