Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

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Here’s a fun activity to keep your children busy while grocery shopping – a grocery store scavenger hunt!  Use this free printable to keep your children entertained while you fill your cart with your weekly groceries. For the older kids, it is also a great way to teach them more about where to find items at the grocery store and how to make smart choices when it comes to purchases (reading labels, comparing prices, etc.).

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt:

To play the game, just have the children point out the items to you as they find them.  You can even award a fun grocery item treat once they’ve completed the challenge. Older children could also write their answers on the free printable game.

The items to search for on this free printable game are:

  • a vegetable that comes in two different colors
  • a cereal with the word “nut” in it
  • chocolate covered fruit
  • something that is listed as 1 pound
  • something with water as the first ingredient
  • a food with the word “dill” in the title
  • something priced at $5.99
  • a coupon for $1 off
  • something sold in a package of 100
  • yogurt covered fruit
  • something with pineapple as an ingredient
  • a “2 for 1” coupon
  • a frozen food in a rectangle shape
  • something that expires next year
  • something sold in a package of 6
  • something listed as 350 grams
  • a food listed as “organic”
  • a food advertised to promote healthy living
  • a bulk food that is green
  • something that expires one week from today

How well do you know your way around the grocery store?

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