Ring Cake Pops

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This Ring Cake Pops tutorial is courtesy of our contributor KarenWho doesn’t love a ring pop? I mean come on…it’s jewellery you can eat! And what’s more… it’s candy! I saw a post on Instagram recently that gave me the idea for these Ring Cake Pops.

Ring Cake Pops perfect for a Bridal Shower

Cute Ring Cake Pops for a Bachelorette Party

Cute Ring Cake Pops idea for a Bridal Shower

Now, it is worth noting there are plastic ring pop bases available on Amazon or Etsy that come in large “party-sized” quantities but if you want a quick treat for the kids, here’s a nice alternative for the everyday mom or sugar lover.

Cake Ring Pops for a Bridal Shower

In this tutorial, I show how I do these Ring Cake Pops in two different ways – with a candy mold and without one. Choose whichever is easiest for you.

Cute Treats for a Bridal Shower

Ring Cake Pops – What You’ll Need:

  • cake mix
  • egg
  • milk
  • oil
  • can of frosting
  • Ring Pops
  • candy/chocolate melts (any colour/brand)
  • decorations (any)
  • candy mold (optional)

How to turn Ring Pops into Cake Pops

Ring Cake Pops – Version One:

without candy mold 

Step One: Bake cake as per box instructions.

Crumble and add about a ¼ of the canned frosting then mix together until you attain a playdough-like consistency. Add more frosting as needed. Remember not to add too much frosting to start – you can always add more frosting to the mix if needed but you cannot remove it.

How To Make Cake Pops

Step Two: Section the cake dough and roll into cake balls. You can refrigerate the balls; however, make sure to return them to room temperature when getting ready to dip in the chocolate to avoid cracks.

Step Three: Candy Removal – Now extensive, comical and many investigative attempts were made to figure out how to remove the candy off of the ring pop plastic base – again, you can purchase plain plastic ring bases on Amazon, Etsy or Alibaba (to save yourself the difficulty).

Making Treats with Ring Pops

To remove the candy from the ring pop, you can either:

  • Boil water and melt off the candy;
  • Hammer or break off the candy or;
  • Eat it off – just make sure to properly wash the plastic afterwards to avoid sharing germs

How to Make Ring Pops out of cake

Where to find Ring Pop bases

Step Four: Dip the plastic ring base tip into chocolate and affix the cake ball. Leave to set.

Making Cake Pops from Ring Pops

Step Five: Once set, take the cake ball and dip it into chocolate decorating it however you like.

Cake Pop Ring Pops

Ring Cake Pops – Version Two:

with candy mold

Candy Molds to Make Ring Cake Pops

Step One: Take your candy mold and fill it to the top with melted chocolate. Before it sets, turn the mold over, leaving a thin layer of chocolate to dry. Make sure there is enough room to fill the cavity with cake dough/filling (see photo).

For a marble effect:

  • Melt two different colours of candy/chocolate melts in two separate bowls.
  • Once melted, spoon one of the coloured melts into the other coloured melt. I would do this one spoon at a time to keep the duality of the colours.
  • Without stirring, take one spoon from the bowl that contains (now) both colours and pour it into the mold.
  • Once you have filled the mold cavity to the top, turn the mold over and dump out the contents, leaving enough room for cake once the chocolate dries (see photo).

Step Two: Take your cake dough and fill the cavity of the candy mold. Note: Make sure the chocolate in the mold is completely dry before filling with cake dough. If you don’t make cake dough, you can fill the cavity with cake or cookie crumble.

Making Cake Pops from Ring Pops

Making Cake Pops from Ring Pops

Step Three: Cover the cake dough/crumble with chocolate – filling the mold to the top. You might want to tap the mold on the counter to make sure there are no air bubbles and that you have a flatten/levelled filling. Insert your ring pop base into the wet chocolate. Leave to set in the fridge/freezer.

Step Four: Once set/dry, remove the pop by the ring and enjoy!

Making Ring Cake Pops

Ring Pops into Cake Pops

It’s really just that easy! Another super fun way to eat cake! Happy baking everyone!

Ring Cake Pops Tutorial

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Thank you to our contributor Karen for this fun Ring Cake Pops tutorial! Check out more of her cake pop creations on her Cake Bites by Karen Instagram page. You’ll find even more creative tutorials and treat ideas there! Click here to see all the Cake Pop tutorials she’s created for the Moms & Munchkins audience!

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