Mini Naked Wedding Cookie Cake

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This Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes tutorial is courtesy of our contributor CherylinNaked cakes are incredibly popular right now and I couldn’t wait to do a mini version as a stacked cookie cake. These sweet little cookie cakes are incredibly easy to assemble due to the royal icing transfers that are made ahead of time.

Mini Cookie Cakes for a Wedding

Tiered Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes Tutorial

How To Make Mini Tiered Wedding Cookie Cakes

Mini Wedding Cake Cookies – What You’ll Need:

  • concentric circle cookie cutters (I found my set at Walmart, and used the 3 smallest sizes. Amazon has a set here)
  • cookie dough, chilled and ready to cut (My recipe and directions can be found here)
  • royal icing prepared (recipe and directions here)
  • gel food coloring for your theme (I used Wilton Rose then mixed Lemony Yellow and Sky Blue to get the green)
  • #16 tip for roses
  • #2 tip for icing the cakes
  • 2 – #1 tips for detail work
  • #66 tip for leaves
  • parchment paper for royal icing transfers
  • TMP’s Super Gold
  • clean food-safe paint brush
  • everclear, vodka or lemon juice

Mini Wedding Cake Cookies – Preparation:

Prepare the cookie dough recipe of your choice, or use mine here. (note: my dough yielded enough for 3 cakes. Consider doubling the dough recipe to get as many cakes as you need)

For one cake, cut out 2 of each of the 3 circle shapes. Continue to cut out as many circles as you can, keeping in mind each cake takes 2 of each size cookie, so 6 cookies total. This will make the cake look taller and traditional in shape. Rechill the cut shapes for 30 minutes and then bake at 325° for 12-15 minutes.

While the cookies bake, prepare the royal icing. I prepared white, pink and green for my cakes, but use whatever color palette you want!

Prepare a small amount of 20 second icing for the top layer of the cakes. For the details, thin your icing down to the consistency of a little thicker than toothpaste. The icing should hold its shape when you run a knife through it.

Mini Wedding Cake Cookies – Decorating:

Pair off your cookies for the “cake layers”, so each tier has 2 cookies. Take your stiffer white icing and a #2 tip, and pipe a circle around the edge of the base of each of your layers and then a little extra to help the top layer stick to it.

Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes - Sugar Cookie Recipe

Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes Tutorial

Assemble the cookie cake tier “layers” but be careful not press down hard. You want to be able to see the icing between the two cookies like in a naked cake. Think about a double stuffed Oreo vs. a thin stuffed Oreo. This step needs to dry completely before moving on.

TIP: I use a box fan to expedite the drying process, but this still takes up to 6-12 hours. You don’t want your layers sliding while you’re decorating!

Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes Instructions

In the meantime, prepare the royal icing transfers for the monogram and flowers. Print out a sheet of the monogram in a size that will fit on your top layer of the cake (my letters were about 1.25” in height). Take a piece of parchment paper and stiff white icing with a #1 tip then trace the monogram onto the parchment paper with the icing.

How to Make Icing Monograms

Let these dry overnight before trying to move them. They will slide right off the paper with ease when they are dried completely. I love royal icing transfers because it takes the pressure off being perfect. You can choose to use whichever letters come out the best!

How to make icing transfer monograms

On a new sheet of parchment paper, use a #16 tip and pipe some roses. See my post here for how to create these little beauties.

TIP: You can create the lighter pink roses by taking the tip off of the pink bag and using it on the white bag. The pink that remains in the tip will swirl in with the white from the new piping bag, mixing the two colors together. This is a quick way to get a variety of colors very easily. Allow these to dry overnight as well.

How to make mini royal icing flowers

Once your cookie sandwiches have dried, take the stiff icing and pipe some around the edge of the cookie.

Mini Cookie Wedding Cakes Tutorial

Using a knife, offset spatula or a clean finger, spread the icing around the edge evenly, creating a thin layer of white icing while removing any excess icing. You want the edges to look iced but you still want to see the icing layer between the two cookies. Allow to dry an hour and repeat the process if you want the icing to look whiter.

Mini Cookie Wedding Cakes Instructions

Take your 20 second icing and ice the top of each layer. Allow to dry 6-12 hours.

How To Make Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes

When your monograms have dried and slide easily around on the parchment paper, they are ready to add the gold. Mix a small amount of everclear, vodka or lemon juice with the gold dust in a small bowl. Brush onto the transfers and allow to dry.

Note: the Everclear works best in my opinion, and the alcohol evaporates leaving just the gold dust when done.

How to make icing monograms

Once the tops of the cake layers have dried completely, assemble your cake using a little icing in the center of the cookies. You don’t want icing to come out the sides of the layers. Allow to dry.

Once your cakes feel sturdy, take your #16 leaf tip and pipe some leaves .

Mini Naked Wedding Cookie Cakes Tutorial

Add a little icing to the back of the dried royal icing roses and place wherever you want. I added some white dots to look like baby’s breath.

Mini Naked Wedding Cookie Cakes Instructions

Carefully place the monogram transfer on top of the cake, affixing it with a drop of icing. Then using a #1 tip, pipe some ivy work.

Making Icing Monograms

Add some royal icing roses and you’re ready to go!

How To Make Mini Icing Monograms

Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes for a Bridal Shower

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Cherylin for sharing this creative cookie decorating tutorial with us. Follow her on Instagram for even more creative cookie decorating ideas.

Mini Wedding Cookie Cakes Instructions

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