Feeding Ducks at Your Local Park

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Feeding ducks at your local park is a fun activity for your mom & baby group. Little kids enjoy visiting the ducks so this idea is to schedule a mom & baby group play date at a local park with ducks.  Ask each mom bring along some bread or crackers for the ducks along with wagons, strollers and some outdoor toys or balls so you can play in the park after.

Feeding Ducks

Games to Play While Feeding Ducks:

While you’re having fun feeding ducks, see if you can stump the moms with some duck trivia.  Click here for the free printable. Some questions you could ask are:

  • What do you call a baby duck? Duckling.
  • What is a way to tell the difference between a male and a female duck?  Feather colors or size of duck or the small curly feather at the back of the male duck’s tail.
  • How long does it take a duck to hatch eggs? Typically 28 days.
  • Do all ducks fly south for the winter? No.
  • Name the famous duck who dated Daisy. Donald Duck.
  • Name the famous duck who is friends with Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck.
  • What is an adult male duck called? Drake.
  • What is a female adult duck called? Hen.
  • What is a name for a group of ducks?  Raft, Team or Paddling.
  • True or False = Ducks have waterproof feathers? True.
  • How long does it take a newborn duckling to leave the nest and start walking? A few hours.
  • How many breeds of domestic ducks are there?  More than 40.

You could also share a light picnic lunch in the park with the moms and little ones for some more visiting time for the kids. Here’s a delicious recipe for a Greek pasta salad that’s always a picnic favorite at my house.

Does your moms group meet for fun & adventure in the outdoors?

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