Picnic Craft

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This is an easy picnic craft that your child can make with very little supplies. It’s simply a decorative rock to keep your paper plates from blowing away. Simple, right? This is a great activity to bring along with you to the park or on a family camping trip.

Picnic Craft

Picnic Craft Supplies & Instructions:

This picnic craft idea is super simple and comes in useful at mealtimes! Have your children gather up some rocks that would be great weights for paper plates. You’ll want to wash up the rocks because no one wants dirty rocks on their plate. The children can then decorate these paper plate weights using markers.

They can write picnic related words or phrases on the like:

  • Yum
  • Enjoy
  • Delicious
  • I’ll take two

You can then store these paper plate weights in a plastic bag and keep them by your paper plates so you always remember to bring them along on picnics or camping trips. During your next picnic they can set these out on top of the plates when setting the table so that the plates don’t blow away before you have a chance to fill the plates with food.

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What is your favorite picnic food? Let us know in the comments below.

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