Bug Scavenger Hunt

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A bug scavenger hunt is a fun way to enjoy the afternoon while searching for creeping crawly critters. You can pack your children a little “bug finding kit” including a magnifying glass and binoculars. The children don’t actually have to catch any bugs in this game – they can just find them and point them out to you while not disturbing the little bug from his/her daily business. You could even bring along a camera for them to take pictures of the bugs to put them in a fun “Summer Activities” scrapbook – another activity for a rainy day.

Bug Scavenger Hunt:

The free printable bug scavenger hunt can be played in your own yard or taken along for an afternoon of play in a park. The bugs you’ll want to ask your little ones to search for are:

  • ladybug
  • fly
  • spider
  • ant
  • caterpillar
  • cricket
  • grasshopper
  • bee
  • worm
  • butterfly
  • beetle
  • dragonfly

If at a park, you could also pack along a picnic lunch to enjoy with your little bug pals along with the free printable Park Scavenger Hunt. On our Recipes page you’ll find plenty of delicious ideas for picnic food and treats.

You could end the game with a fun prize like a bucket of gummy insect candy and head inside to watch a fun insect movie like Bee Movie, Antz or A Bug’s Life. Have you seen any of these movies? Which one would you recommend?

Do you have any bug phobias? Let us know in the comments below.

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