Party Tip Tuesday with Kate Landers

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Welcome to Party Tip Tuesday! Today we’re featuring the talented Kate Landers who is here to give us some fabulous party tips for decorating, ways to add special touches into your party and more! She has some stylish party ideas here that you are going to want to make a note of for your next event!

Kate Landers

1) Who is Kate Landers?

My name is Kate Landers and I design & style events for children. Designing products for children’s parties is also a passion of mine. Whether designing for a personal event, national or international print publication or company, I enjoy the opportunity to create and inspire moms in creating extraordinary parties to celebrate the lives of their precious children. I am currently the celebration blogger for Layla Grayce in a monthly feature, Celebrate With Kate. I am completely smitten with motherhood and my almost 2 year old son, Noah. I try photographing him in any spare moment I have.

Kate Landers

2) What are some of your favorite household items to add into party decor?

I absolutely love to repurpose home décor items for my events. Picture frames (replace glass with decorative paper) make fabulous dessert trays, and an antique hutch makes for a beautiful display of sweets at an at-home celebration. Bookcases can house party props beautifully as well.

3) What is your best tip for decorating an otherwise standard party supply?

I absolutely love tying party favors, decorations or costumes to children’s chairs. Example: little aprons for a baking party, fairy wings and crowns for a fairy princess party double as costumes and party favors…tied to the back of each child’s chair, it makes for beautiful décor! I also adore using wide satin, grosgrain or gingham ribbon instead of curling ribbon, attached to large round balloons, tied to the back of each guests chair. The ribbons are beautiful (girls often love to take them home and use for their hair–or dolly!) and give you a vertical decoration bringing the celebration space from floor to ceiling, not just eye-level.

Kate Landers
Photo Credit: Open Shade Studios

4) What tips do you have for adding special touches to a buffet or dessert table?

I think in addition to the desserts, gorgeous vessels to put them in or pedestals to display them on, can be equally as important. A mix of contemporary and vintage, dainty and sleek, can be stunning.

When appropriate, I also love tying a wide double-faced satin ribbon or raw silk ribbon into a large bow at the base of the cake pedestal. You can attach custom printed dessert tags with beautiful ribbons to clear glass apothecary jars, identifying for guests what flavor sweets are in the container.

Kate Landers
Photo Credit: Open Shade Studios

5) Do you have a tutorial or tips for creating fabric or felt banners?

I absolutely LOVE using gorgeous fabrics for fabric bunting that can be used not only at a party, but also in a playroom or child’s bedroom. My favorites are fine wale corduroy and velvet. A zig zag stitch around each appliqued letter gives it a more homemade feel, whereas a simple stitch that blends in with the fabric can look darling too. I recommend allowing a minimum of 18 inches of ribbon/binding (that strings the entire bunting together) on either end, so you can tie it into bows or stretch across a larger area if needed. You can always trim it down, but it isn’t so easy adding on more without
a large seam!

A big THANK YOU to Kate for sharing these fabulous party tips with us!

If you have a favorite party designer that you’d love to see featured on Party Tip Tuesday, please contact me.

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