Movie Night Charades

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Welcome back to Movie Night week here on Moms & Munchkins. Today we’re closing out the week with two Movie Night Games – Movie Snack Charades and Popular Cartoon Charades (simply click on the title of each for the free printables).

Movie Night Games

Movie Night Games – Charades:

Have you ever played charades? If not, here are some easy instructions to help you get started:

  • Print the free games and cut out each of the charades (each white rectangle is one charade).
  • Fold these and put them into a pail.
  • Split your group into two teams and decide which team will go first.
  • That team will decide who will act first (don’t worry – everyone gets a turn to be the actor during the game).
  • Team One will then randomly select one charade from the pile and the actor will have 30 seconds to act it out for his/her team.
  • The “actor” is not allowed to speak in charades – he/she can only act silently.
  • If Team One guesses the charade in 30 seconds, they win a point.
  • If they don’t guess it correctly, then Team Two has one chance to guess the correct charade for one point.
  • The game then continues with Team Two randomly selecting a charade and continues with the teams taking turns selecting charades and switching who is acting from each team.

The Movie Snacks game includes a variety of different snacks you’d eat at the movie theatre or at home on family movie night.

The Popular Cartoon game includes cartoon characters – some new and some old – for the players to act out and guess.

Movie Night Games

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  1. What a fun idea! We’re hosting s’more nights every Friday night this summer for whoever can make it. This would be a fun game to play around the fire pit. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.


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