Fun Ways To Celebrate With Balloons

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As you know, I love a good celebration! You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to plan a something special for a loved one. There are so many reasons to celebrate every day! Did your child bring home a great mark on a test? Did your child do something thoughtful for someone else? Did your little one get potty trained (if so, please give me tips)? Did you stick to your diet for an entire week? If so, time to grab a piece of cheesecake! Oh wait…put the cheesecake back and celebrate with a some fun balloon surprises instead!

balloon surprises

We picked up a Balloon Time helium tank a few days ago and we’ve been having so much fun celebrating and playing with balloons. My son loves letting the balloons float up to the ceiling to see if my husband or I can catch it before it reaches the ceiling. Best. Game. Ever. Oh, there are so many silly giggles around here right now!

It’s important for us to teach our son the importance of giving to others. Since we were having so much fun with our balloons, we decided to make a balloon surprise for someone else. No, it wasn’t a special birthday surprise. We simply wanted to thank someone for all that they do and we thought a huge balloon bouquet tied to a mini pail full of chocolate bars was an excellent way to do it!

Balloon surprises

Balloon surprises

The Balloon Time helium tanks are really easy to use. It’s actually like a celebration in a box because it already includes a bag of balloons and string. My husband was in charge of filling the balloons, I was in charge of tying on the string and my little guy was in charge of keeping them organized so we could put them into a bouquet.

We then loaded them up into the van and headed out to surprise someone special. Can you guess who we surprised?

Balloon surprises

Nana & Papa! My parents live close by and we see them almost daily. My son loves spending time with them and they do so many special things for us all the time. It was time that we did something special to show them how much we appreciate them!

Balloon surprises

My dad wasn’t too sure what was going on. I’m pretty sure he thought it was my mom’s birthday and he forgot. {wink} Good news, he has another week before her birthday so he still has time to do his shopping!

Balloon surprises

My son enjoyed surprising someone else with balloons just as much as he enjoyed having his own balloons to play with.

Ideas For Balloon Surprises:

For our special balloon surprise, we tied our balloon bouquet to a mini pail filled with chocolate bars. Here are some other fun ways to set up your balloon surprises:

  • Fill your child’s room with balloons so they are surprised when they wake up
  • Fill the pantry with balloons so they float out in the morning when your child goes for a bowl of cereal
  • Write messages on all the balloons for “Reasons I’m Proud of You” and put them into a fun bouquet
  • Fill a box with balloons, seal the box, wrap it, put your child’s name on it and then watch the surprised look on their face when they open the box and the balloons fly out

Balloon Time Giveaway:

Are you inspired to plan your own special balloon surprise? Great – because we have a fabulous Balloon Time giveaway for you!

Balloon surprises

This prize package includes Balloon Time balloons, confetti, fun string and markers to plan your own balloon surprise.

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  1. My daughter is expecting her first little in Aug. & this would be perfect for the showers and her house for the arrival .

  2. I would love to do a orange and black Harley themed balloon bundle for my hubbys Birthday party this year!

  3. Hello! A balloon time surprise I would love to plan is for my best friend Cindy. She suffers from chronic illness & would absolutely love this!! Thank-you!

  4. This would be wonderful to use to help my best friend and family who are throwing my baby shower next month! I would also use it for displays when I set up booths for my business at trade shows and expos! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I’d like to use this towards my next birthday for a good friend to surprise them and put a smile on there face

  6. I’d plan a just because surprise! I’d love to pack some balloons into boxes and watch my kids open them! They’d have a gas!

  7. I would love to fill my daughters room with balloons while she was sleeping! What fun it would be to wake up to that!!

  8. My mother’s 70th birthday is coming up so I’d love to surprise her by filling up her apartment with lots of balloons 🙂

  9. We want to have a huge party to celebrate my husband overcoming cancer. We want everything decorated as beautiful as we can so when he gets home he will be overwhelmed in a good way. He worked hard helping the doctors by doing very low carbs. He is 63 years old and just retired from working very hard at an outside job doing all different shifts.


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