Baby Sign Language

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Experts say baby sign language is an excellent way to interact with your baby. What is baby sign language? It is a way to interact with your babies and toddlers before they are able to verbally communicate with you. Baby signing helps to facilitate communication between parent and infant by the use of special signs that both the parent and infant can do.

Experts advise that infants as young as 6 months can start learning baby sign language and may start using signs themselves around 10 months. Some studies show that toddlers who have used baby sign language have better reading and speaking skills.

I never tried baby sign language with my son but I am now wishing that we would have tried a class when he was an infant. My son is just over 2 years old and only says a handful of words. Since he is not using his words to communicate yet, it is sometimes difficult to understand what he wants when he is upset. I wonder if a baby sign language class would have helped him with his communication skills.

Have you taken a baby sign language class? If so, what did you think of it? Was it easy to learn? Did your child pick up on it quickly?

Baby Sign Language Classes:

A group baby sign language sample class is an excellent way to learn more about the program and to see if it’s something you’d like to learn more about.

An educational idea for a guest speaker for your mom and baby group is a baby sign language instructor. Check for an instructor in your area through local advertising. A good place to look is a kid-friendly guide to your city or a baby trade show booth/sponsor listing. Many instructors would be happy to offer a sample class so you can see if it is something you’d like to try out with your child.

Let us know if you’ve tried a class and what you thought of it. You are always welcome to join in on conversations on Facebook.

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