Masquerade Ball Dance Party

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Masquerade Ball Dance PartyThere is something so mysterious yet glamorous about a masquerade ball that makes it a perfect party idea for teenagers that are difficult to plan for. Here I’ll share some masquerade ball dance party ideas that are perfect for both tweens and teenagers. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to plan a fun costumed party!

Masquerade Ball Dance Party – Invitations:

Masquerade Balls have been around since at least the 15th century (you can read more about the history of masquerade balls here on Wikipedia). A masquerade ball is a glamorous event and you’ll want to portray this throughout your party theme. The trick is to do it while not spending a lot of money. Guests can be invited to dress for the ball in dresses or suits (although it isn’t necessary since this can become expensive). You can provide guests with masks upon their entrance to the party.

If you are a crafty type of person, you could create a scroll type of invitation in a calligraphy font. Here are a few other fun ideas for invitations. Masquerade Ball Dance - Invitations
1. Corporate event invitations, Masquerade Ball
2. Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Invitations

Masquerade Ball Dance Party – Decor:

There are many ways you can hep set the scene for a stylish masquerade ball dance party. When thinking about colours, think about dark colours like black, dark red and deep purple. Masks for a masquerade ball are usually decorated with glitter, feathers and sequins so you’ll want to work some of these into your party decor as well.

Some other ideas for setting the scene are:

  • tall (floor to ceiling) curtain panels in dark colours
  • chairs covered with chair covers and bows
  • dance floor area
  • dim lighting (gives the party an additional sense of mystery)
  • small chandaliers
  • lantern lighting
  • tall candlesticks
  • red carpet arrival area
  • large feather decor

Masquerade Ball Dance - Decor

1. Hastings 4-Light Foyer Lantern
2. Cast Iron Lantern
3. Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier in Black Onyx
4. Pillar Candle Holder
5. Tailored Curtain Panels
6. 15′ Red Carpet Runner
7. Artificial Black Quill Feather Large 12″ (Pack of 4)
8. Feather Masks Costume Party Masquerade
9. Satin Universal Chair Cover Gold

Masquerade Ball Dance Party – Activities:

Hosting a fun dance is the perfect activity idea for a masquerade ball. You could have your child help with choosing the selection of music. Simply designate an area for dancing and set up the music for the kids. A dim party area with lanterns sets the scene for a dance party.

Ballroom dancing is certainly associated with masquerade parties but how many teens do you know that know how to waltz? For a fun activity idea, you could include these waltz dance steps (from Disney Junior) as a poster on the wall for the kids to try to follow along with.

Other than dancing, you could also host a fun mystery for the guests to solve. For some fun & easy mystery clue ideas, check out this party post on mystery party ideas.

Masquerade Ball Dance Party – Food:

Fancy hors d’oeuvres are always a hit at parties. Dainty bite-sized treats mean that guests can try a larger variety of party food without their bellies feeling too stuffed. To go along with the glamorous decor, your food could be served on tiered appetizer trays.

To drink, you could offer a party punch or sparkling juice in plastic champagne flutes. Garnishing the cups with a strawberry on the rim is a great added touch.

For dessert, try serving a cake on a tall cake stand. This can make a beautiful centerpiece for the table.

Masquerade Ball Dance Party – Treat Bags:

Some fun ideas for treats to send home with the guests include their masquerade masks, feather pens, sequined favor bags filled with candy and sequined coin purses. Masquerade ball Dance - Favor
1. Feather Pens
2. Fuchsia Pink Sequined Organza Gift and Favor Bag
3. Mini Sequin Coin Purse Keychain

Have you ever attended a masquerade party?

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  1. Ohh this is a great article! I absolutely love love love it! Some of these ideas are so simple but sooooo beautiful and effective! I am definitely going to have steal one (or maybe even a few) of these ideas for my own ball! Well I call it a ball it’s more an exclusive event to celebrate my parents diamond wedding anniversary. My mum has always said how much she’d love to have a big soiree event sometime so I thought this would be the absolute perfect opportunity! The only problem is I have recently discovered that I am absolutely and 100% terrible at organising events. There’s just so so so much to think about and plan and organise! I really think I might just hire an exclusive events planner. I’m just not very good at this whole thing! Plus my brother is just no help at all (I mean I love him to pieces but when it comes to organising things he’s as useless as a chocolate teapot). Does anyone actually know of any party planners we could use at all? I just really need helping with the theming and the decorating! I read in a magazine about a company called Scarlet Events (this is their site: ) Has anyone used them or been to a party where they’ve hosted? Obviously they look great but I really wanted to read some reviews first from people who’ve used them! So if anyone has been to any of their events I would love you forever if you could give me any reviews and opinions on them, or even more perfect would be some photos of their events so I can see what it looks like when it’s all done up by them! Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate it xx


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