Park Scavenger Hunt

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The sun is shining!  It’s a great time to take your kids outside for a fun Park Scavenger Hunt! You’ll have to start by making a list of items for your kids to search for in the park (or even on the way to the park).  Bring along one copy of this free printable game for each child and a pen for each child.

Free Park Scavenger Hunt Printable Game.

You can give each of the kids a disposable camera to take pictures of the park scavenger hunt items they find or you can just have them come to check in with you to show you their discovery.

It’s a great way to get some fresh air while having some fun exploring your local parks.

Park Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • something covered in feathers
  • something inflated by air
  • something made of wood
  • something purple
  • something rectangle
  • something round
  • something shorter than you
  • something square
  • something striped
  • something taller than you
  • something that flies
  • something that displays a rule
  • something that smells pretty
  • something with wheels
  • something yellow
  • something you can sit in
  • something you use to play sports
  • the letter “S”
  • something covered in fur
  • something with a date on it

Park Scavenger Hunt

What are your favorite park activities?

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What are your favorite outdoor activities? My little guy loves the outdoors so we spend a lot of time at the playground in the warmer months. We have really cold winters here so we aren’t able to do a lot of outdoor play during the winter months. Perhaps this year we’ll try tobogganing!

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