Healthy Living Tips #ActiviaChallenge

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I’m one week into my 4-Week Activia® Challenge and I’m already feeling more energetic. As you know, I do a lot of party planning here on Moms & Munchkins including plenty of delicious dessert posts. With cookies, cake, chocolate and candy in the kitchen, the temptations for a sugary snack are everywhere. I’m happy to report that I’ve been reaching for an Activia® yogurt instead of candy and I’ve been donating all the sugary treats I’ve prepared for the blog. Now that the weather is getting warmer, my little guy and I are getting active outside and we’re having so much fun on our adventures. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with small steps. These healthy living tips are easy ways that we fit smarter snack choices and exercise into our daily routine.

Healthy Living Tips

Making Fitness Fun:

During the cold winter months, I tried to ride my exercise bike downstairs as often as I could but I was missing the fresh outdoor air. Now that the weather is warmer, my little guy and I are out on the bike almost daily. We love spending time at the playgrounds so we take the long route on the bike to get there. Instead of going directly to the park, I ride for 20 minutes before and after the park. We play games of I Spy while on the bike looking for bunnies, dogs and squirrels and he loves waving at all the neighbourhood kids. By taking my little guy with me, I’m teaching him about the importance of exercise and we turn it into mommy & me time.

Preparing Food In Advance:

When I’m hungry, I tend to look for something that’s easy but it isn’t always the healthiest choice. It seems easier to grab a cookie than to wash and cut up fruit. I’ve started preparing my food ahead of time so that I don’t make unhealthy choices when hunger strikes. A healthy fruit salad with an Activia® yogurt is enough to satisfy my hunger without leaving me that bellyache that cookies tend to do. I’ve also started planning my meals a day in advance. Rather than waiting for my tummy to rumble then heading to the pantry to throw something together quickly, I have my meals planned and ready to go. For example, I have tortillas, meat, cheese and vegetables all ready in the fridge to put together a quick quesadilla for lunch.

For a delicious dessert, I made a big batch of fruit salsa with raspberries, strawberries and grapes. I then take a plain tortilla, sprinkle on approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon and bake this in the oven at 450F for about 3 minutes (until it browns slightly). Remove from the oven and let cool. Break that tortilla into nacho-sized pieces, sprinkle on fruit salsa and drizzle with a Fat Free Activia® yogurt with extra yogurt on the side for dipping.

Healthy Living Tips

Monitoring Daily Intakes:

I know this doesn’t sound like an easy task but it really is once it’s part of your routine. I have an app on my phone that helps me track what I’m eating each day. Having this documented helps me to realize when I’m eating too many calories a day or indulging in too many sugary treats. I log all my food in the morning and that helps me to stay on track throughout the day because I’ve already planned out my meals and snacks in advance. Once this is part of your daily routine, it only takes a few minutes to do each morning.

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*Disclosure: I am participating in the 4-Week Activia® Challenge as part of Chatelaine Tasters & Testers. I was compensated for this post; however, all opinions and results expressed here are my own.

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