Fun Activities For Building Self-Esteem

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Building Self-EsteemHelping children in building self-esteem and confidence is such an important role for parents. We all want to make sure that our children know how valuable they are in this world. We want to teach our children that their unique personalities and special talents are something that should be celebrated.

Building self-esteem is so important for children of all ages. Here are some fun ideas for helping your children let their confidence shine:

  • While enjoying supper as a family, go around the table and have each person take a turn saying something they appreciate about each person sitting at the table.
  • Spend an afternoon getting messy with paints, canvases, and sculpting clay and let the children each create their own unique masterpieces. Host a family art museum night where each little artist gets to display & explain their pieces of work. Together you could create fun invitations to your art museum opening night and invite grandparents & other family members.
  • Host a family talent show! Plan for a special evening of entertainment with the children as the performers. The talents chosen could be anything of your child’s choice. Some ideas are singing, dancing, magic tricks, playing a musical instrument and comedy.
  • Plan a fun family game night where your children create the games. Maybe they want to create their own fun board game or perhaps they’ve developed a new sport. It’s a great way to enjoy time as a family while putting our creative minds to use.

Be sure to cheer & encourage each other during these family activities. Let your children know how valuable their contributions are and how wonderful their unique talents are. Most importantly, have fun & offer words of encouragement.

Do you have any fun ways of building self-esteem?

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  1. Love games that encourage cheering kids on and growing their self-esteem. We tend to do friday night game nights, Saturday if it must be moved. We love board games like Monopoly but our favorite are thinking games like Scrabble and Stratego.


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