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Fisher-Price Retro Collage Did you know that Fisher-Price has been making toys since 1930? My mom packed many of our childhood toys away so that one day we could pass them down to our children. These Fisher-Price toys have survived a lot of wear and tear between my two brothers and I. It’s cute to now watch my son enjoy the same toys as I did growing up. How many of these Fisher-Price retro toys do you remember?

Fisher-Price Retro Camper This Fisher-Price Play Family Camper (introduced in 1973) was always one of my favorites. Can you believe that my mom still has the little white toilet for the camper?

Fisher-Price Retro Shape Sorter Do you remember this Fisher-Price Shape sorter (introduced in 1974)? Even after all these years, we still have all of the original shapes!

Fisher-Price Retro Plane This Fisher-Price Pull Along Plane (introduced in the 1980’s) still gets a lot of use. My son loves running and pulling this plane behind him.

Fisher-Price Retro School I wonder if I knew I was learning while playing with this Fisher-Price School Days Desk (introduced in 1972)?

Fisher-Price Retro Turtle This Fisher-Price Little People Turtle bath toy (introduced in 1974) looks so different from the Little People wrapped and ready to go under our Christmas tree this year.

Fisher-Price Retro School Bus We haven’t located the Little People for this Fisher-Price School Bus (from the mid-80’s) yet. I have a feeling that they are still in storage with our Fisher-Price Sesame Clubhouse!

Fisher-Price Retro Gas Pump You can tell this Fisher-Price Retro Gas Pump (from the mid-80’s) is old since it only has 2 digits for the price of gas!

Fisher-Price Retro Clickity It’s funny to see the difference in Little People from the time of this Fisher-Price Click ‘N Clatter (from the mid-70’s) to now.

So with these Fisher-Price retro toys, my joy of learning started over 30 years ago and continues today as I watch my son learn from the same toys.

Knowing that these toys have served our family so well over the years, I have no hesitation to stock up on new Fisher-Price toys this holiday season. Who knows…maybe my son will pass his toys along to his own children one day!

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15 thoughts on “Fisher-Price Retro”

  1. Wow! Thanks for taking me down memory lane! Great collection of retro toys. The company has been around for many years and it is no wonder they supply quality toys for children. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I LOVE retro Fisher Price toys! I remember having the desk as a kid and my mother-in-law still has the school bus for our kids to play with when they’re over there. I think I like the older toys better than the new stuff. 🙂

  3. ahhhhh that’s sooooo awesome!!!! I totally remember those toys 🙂 I know I had the school desk and the bus and I’m pretty sure I had the last one, the Click ‘N Clatter. Thanks for the walk down memory lane

  4. Awesome! It seems my inlaws saved every single toy my husband and his brother ever had. They’re now ALL in my basement. Lots of Fisher-Price classics in the mix too including the School desk. My kids love them all so I just grin and bear the clutter and try to refrain from complaining about the constant mess. 🙂


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