Fiesta Tomatoes for Summer Entertaining

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How many times a week do you cook your meals outside on the BBQ? We BBQ all year long but it’s certainly more enjoyable to BBQ without your winter coat and hat on! We enjoy the BBQ regulars like burgers, potatoes and sausages but there are so many unique recipe ideas for summer grilling. Have you ever cooked eggs on the BBQ? Last month I shared an easy way to fry eggs on the BBQ (perfect for camping) and now I have a delicious recipe for summer entertaining – Fiesta Tomatoes!

Fiesta Tomatoes

Fiesta Tomatoes Recipe:

I’ve left out the quantities here because it depends on how many people you’re feeding. I generally make one tomato per person, one egg per tomato and enough black beans, onions and corn to fill your tomatoes about 90% full.

Fiesta Tomatoes

With 6 grams of protein, 14 essential nutrients and only 70 calories in each large Grade A egg, they are a nutritious choice for summer grilling. Do you have creative summer entertaining ideas using eggs? Chef Lynn Crawford is sharing some of her favourites like Black Bean & Egg Tostadas and Egg & Lobster Rolls. I’m excited to be joining Chef Crawford at an special lunch on July 30th to talk about delicious summer recipes including nutritious Canadian eggs! Join us on social media using the hashtag #SummerSideUp and share your summer recipes using fresh, local Canadian eggs. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of summer entertaining inspiration!

Fiesta Tomatoes

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Fiesta Tomatoes
  • large tomatoes
  • black beans
  • corn niblets
  • green onions
  • taco seasoning
  • eggs (1 per tomato)
  • shredded cheese
  • taco chips
  1. Cut the tops off all the tomatoes and scoop out the centers. Don't scoop out too much though or your tomato skin will be too thin to hold its shape.
  2. Put the black beans, corn and sliced green onions in a medium bowl. Sprinkle about 1 tablespoon of the taco seasoning on top and stir well to mix.
  3. Place bean mixture in each tomato and fill them about 90%. Add a little sprinkled cheese to each.
  4. Place the tomatoes in aluminum foil bowls and place on the BBQ.
  5. Crack an egg in the top of each tomato bowl.
  6. Bake in the BBQ on medium-high heat until the eggs are firm. Sprinkle a bit more cheese on each for the last minute of baking.
  7. Serve with taco chips & a spoon for scooping.


Fiesta Tomatoes


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114 thoughts on “Fiesta Tomatoes for Summer Entertaining”

  1. We love egg salad sandwiches! The beauty of it is you can switch it up and add ingredients to either sweeten it or spice it up!! Great for picnics 🙂 But I will be sure to try your tomatoes and eggs!! 🙂

  2. Bacon and eggs, simple but delicious. Add a slice of cheese on top and place between and english muffin, McMuffin style.

  3. I add eggs to my homemade burgers to hold them together as they cook. my hubby says my burgers are better than store bought!

  4. We add eggs to our homemade hamburgers to hold them together, add some onion ,some sauce and spices and it comes out yummy and juicy!

  5. Never though of BBQing with eggs. I do put eggs in my potato salad when we bbq other items to go with the salad. I must try this Fiesta Tomatoes recipe. Novel idea.

  6. I have never barbecued with eggs before…honestly, have never thought of it. Your tomato recipe looks good!

  7. fried eggs on the BBQ then put on a pancake with bacon than another pancake on top my favorite simple breakfast

  8. I make a skillet dish i call Farmhouse Scramble with eggs,sausage,onions,peppers and cheese.It is served with a generous helping of sour cream YUM!

  9. My favorite bbq recipe with eggs is eggs & milk whisked together with fresh herbs and grated cheese held inside of a sweet pepper bowl. So easy, colorful and yummy!

  10. My favorite recipe would be Cornell Chicken Marinade- a chicken marinade with oil, vinegar, poultry seasoning, egg, salt, and pepper. You marinate your chicken in it for 24 hrs and then bbq it.

  11. I’ve honestly never thought about using eggs with bbq. I think it an egg would be good on a veggie burger with grilled onions and peppers with a salsa.

  12. I like to make eggs on English muffins on the bbq.

    or eggs ( i have a eggs holder ) and holiday sauce.

    sometimes i cook eggs and some stir fry and bacon.

    or a egg and cheese sandwich

  13. I just started barbecuing this summer and have never tried any egg recipes on the BBQ. I’m definitely going to try some of these recipes though! I love eggs.

  14. My favourite would have to be scrambled eggs with bacon. I have never bbq’d with eggs any other way. I am going to try some new ways very soon.

  15. I love eggs so much! Eggs anytime of the day or night. I love quiches or cheddar cheese and salsa for a south western omelette. Some grills have the extra surface so you can put a plate of eggs and biscuits in the grill to bake. and the sausage and bacon 🙂

  16. i like to put eggs in my hamburger and add some garlic, salt, pepper and chili power cook them for a bit then add some BBQ sauce

  17. The classic use is my favorite. In homemade hamburger patties. You know what though, I’ve made bacon in the bbq using a cast iron skillet. I wonder how regular eggs would taste on the grill if I used the skillet. Il try that some time.

  18. I happen to LOVE EGGS and cooking (but my husband does all of the BBQing so like so many others I haven’t really given much thought to grilling with eggs (though like a few others I add egg(s) to burger meat (for same reason ~ though my Honey still cooks / grills them (and aside: I prefer to use more flavorful Ground LAMB!

    I will however, definitely be trying your Fiesta Tomatoes ~ they sound yummy ~ and I do love eggs!

  19. Directions

    Preheat an outdoor grill for medium high heat and lightly oil grate.
    Coat all holes of a muffin pan with cooking spray and crack an egg into each hole.
    Place on grill and grill over medium high heat for 2 minutes, or to desired doneness.


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