Hospital Activities for Kids

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We all hope our children will never have to make a trip to the hospital or stay overnight. Having a child in the hospital can be a very stressful time for a family. Here are some hospital activities for kids that you can play together to enjoy some quality family time. Some of these ideas can be used to create an activities gift basket. These also work well for bringing your child along on a hospital trip to visit another family member that is in the hospital.

Hospital Activities for Kids

Hospital Activities for Kids:

  • water color painting books
  • magic marker activity books
  • stickers and a sticker book
  • scrapbook supplies with some funny pictures you’ve gathered from friends and family
  • memory card game
  • small basketball net (the kind with suction cups for the wall) and ball
  • scratch answer activity books
  • books to read together
  • small board games or travel board games (smaller versions of popular games with less pieces)
  • a small stitching project
  • Play-Doh
  • colouring books, paper, markers and crayons
  • box of magic tricks
  • book to learn origami
  • a small craft project
  • card games like Go Fish
  • puzzle/activity books like word search, work scramble, mazes and crossword puzzle (click here for some free printable games)
  • magazines in a topic your child is interested in
  • comic books

What other fun ideas for hospital activities for kids do you have?

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