Easter Crossword Puzzle For Kids

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This free printable Easter Crossword Puzzle For Kids is a great activity for your kids during spring break.  It’s a great way to keep them busy while you’re preparing for the Easter celebrations. How many of these questions can you answer correctly? I’ve included the answers on the bottom of the free printable game. The answers are: 1) Eggs 2) Peter 3) Carrots 4) Easter 5) Toys 6) Hunt 7) Dye 8) Ham 9) Tulip 10) Chick 11) Ears 12) Hop 13) Grass 14) Chocolate 15) Tails 16) Jelly 17) Tree 18) Spring 19) Hip Hop 20) Basket

Easter Crossword Puzzle For Kids:

Another idea is to turn this Easter Crossword Puzzle for kids into an Easter Scavenger Hunt. To do this, simply highlight certain squares on the crossword for letters that will spell out a secret word.  When the child has completed the crossword, he’ll have to take the highlighted letters and put them together to make a word. This word could lead to a special hidden Easter treat hidden.

Easter Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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