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Looking to throw your child one of the coolest birthday parties?  Then you may want to consider an Outer Space Theme party.  There are so many fun ideas for decor, food, activities and loot bags.  Get ready to plan a party that’s out of this world! We also have a party post on an Alien Invasion Theme that may provide additional inspiration for you. Check out our Alien party category for more freebies, crafts, activity ideas and more!

Outer Space Theme:  Invitations

If you are the crafty type and want to make your own invitations, try dark blue cardstock paper with glow in the dark outer space stickers and a secret message written in glow in the dark ink.

Here are some fabulous personalized options: Outer Space Theme - Invitations1. Birthday party invitation, Space Aliens
2. Space Alien – Personalized Birthday Party Invitations With Squiggle Shape
3. Space Alien Personalized Invitation

Outer Space Theme:  Decorations

There are so many fun ideas for an outer space theme party!  It would be fun to have one portion of the party in the dark (maybe one of the games – I’ll get into more detail later in the activity section) so you can utilize a lot of the glow in the dark decorations.  You could hand glow in the dark planets from the ceiling and glow in the dark stars on the wall.  The kids could all be given glow in the dark alien antennas that they could also take home with them as part of the loot bag.

Inflatable aliens could be set up in all corners of the party, as guards by the gift table or even a surprise one standing by the bathroom sink.

Caution Party Tape could be draped across the front door entrance to the party as well as around the food & drink table.

Is your child a fan of Toy Story?  If so, you could hand a cute Toy Story alien poster on the wall by the entrance to the party.

You could also include a lot of the colors green & blue.  You could work this in through table decor & balloons.

If you wanted alien dinnerware, Big Dot of Happiness has a lot of cute items with the space alien theme (the squiggle shaped plates are my favorite!).

Other fun decor items include a inflatable rocket ship (take pictures of the kids with this – the picture is a great addition to your thank you card), a pinata for decor and a fun activity and a space-themed table cover. Outer Space Theme - Decor1. Space Alien Pinata
2. Alien Space Rocket Balloon
3. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars mini stars
4. 36″ Alien Inflate
5. Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Head Boppers
6. Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System
7. Caution Party Tape Party
8. Inflatable Shuttle
9. Space Shuttle Pinata

Outer Space Theme:  Food & Drink

With the Outer Space Theme, try using a lot of silver saucer-type serving dishes.

You can easily create a green punch with Kool-Aid mixed with lemon lime soda.

A cheese ball with crackers would be a great appetizer snack for the kids.  You could have a sign beside it that says “Moon Cheese”.

Some fun green food ideas include quesadillas in spinach tortillas & nacho chips with guacamole. Outer Space Theme - Food1. Space Alien – Dinner Plates
2. Space Alien Cups
3. Space Alien Birthday Box

Outer Space Theme:  Dessert

What could be a cooler dessert for an Outer Space Theme party than astronaut ice cream! Although I’ve tasted it and it’s not very delicious!

Creating a rocket cake is made easier using a rocket ship mold.  You can use various candies on the top to decorate it in any way you like.  You could even add a small cake (iced yellow) made to look like flames shooting from the bottom of the rocket.

Cupcakes are often the preference for parties as they are already in kid sizes and there is no cake cutting required.  If you prefer cupcakes, try some of these cute cupcake toppers.  Another idea is to create 3 eyed alien cupcakes by icing the cupcakes green and then topping with 3 eyeball candies.  You can even use green licorice string as antennas. Outer Space Theme - Dessert1. Space Alien – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
2. Wilton Candy Eyeballs
3. Astronaut Ice Cream – Neapolitan
4. Space Alien Cake Plates
5. Meri Meri Space Cadets Cupcake Kit
6. Space Alien – Personalized Birthday Party Cookies

Outer Space Theme:  Activities

I just love the Science Bob website!  There are so many fun & easy experiments/demonstrations for kids.  For an activity for the Outer Space Theme party, try this Balloon Rocket demonstration!

Another super fun idea is to Make Slime – let Science Bob show you how!  You can provide each child with a small jar that they can use to take their slime home with them (it’s a great addition to the loot bag).

Now for the glow in the dark party game I mentioned earlier, provide the kids with some glow in the dark stars and set up two buckets (sand pails work well) on the opposite side of the room.  You can call this the “Shooting Stars” game.  The goal of the game is to throw as many glow in the dark stars into your bucket (from across the room of course) within a certain time frame.  Be sure to let the stars soak up some light prior to the game so they glow brightly.  This would be a fun time for the kids to wear the glow in the dark antennas mentioned above.

All of the coolest birthday parties have a pinata!  For your Outer Space Theme, try a rocket shaped pinata.

Outer Space Theme:  Loot Bags

If you made green slime during one of the activities, then your loot bag is already started!  Here are a few other ideas for items to include:

  • personalized mini chocolate bars
  • small alien figurines
  • rocket ship notepad
  • antenna headbands
  • rocket ship shaped cookies
  • outer space suckers
  • alien stickers or tattoos
  • glow sticks

Outer Space Theme - Favors

1. Space Rubber Duckies
2. Alien Straw
3. Mini Alien Figures
4. Space Alien Deluxe Favor Set
5. Alien Hi-Bounce Ball
6. Space Alien Wind-Up

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