Deceptively Different ‘Donuts’

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This donut cookies tutorial is courtesy of our contributor LeahOne of the things that brings a smile to kids (and adults) faces the quickest – are foods that resemble other foods. Ask little ones what foods you can make look like other kinds of food. The answers always make me chuckle and more than once have given me amazing inspiration. There is no reason food shouldn’t be fun – and sometimes, even funny!

Donut Cookies

Donut Cookies:

A great way to get the kids in the kitchen are sweets that are easy to make, easy to decorate, and way too easy to eat. Donut cookies!

For this delicious activity, all you need is:

  • Round cookie cutters of different sizes or a donut cookie cutter. I’ve even seen people using one round cookie cutter, and a pop bottle cap. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Roll out cookies in any shape and flavor – here is a sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing in flood consistency in whatever colors you want. It can be any icing though – try buttercream for tasty results
  • Sprinkles

Donut Cookies

Donut Cookies Instructions:

(I used royal icing, but instructions are similar for any icing)

Bake your cookies as per the recipe and wait for them to cool.

If piping the icing:
Roughly pipe a wavy outline in flood icing on the edge and on the inside hole. This doesn’t have to be perfect and looks more realistic if it isn’t symmetrical. Fill with flood icing. Decorate with other colour icings or sprinkles.

If not piping:
With a knife or a spoon, spread on a layer of icing. Decorate with other color icings or sprinkles

If you discover the icing has run over the side (and it just might, don’t worry), this can make them seem even more like the real thing. This project can also be done similar to the Easter Sugar Craft cookies from last month: have an adult fill in the icing, let dry and then give the cookies with some food coloring markers to the kids.

While this tutorial has missed April 1st – it’s also a great prank to pull out for April Fools. Just get a window cake box – or even better, ask your local donut shop for one of their boxes, and prepare a dozen cookies and leave them out. While the kids will be surprised and confused when they discover there are no actual donuts to be had – they won’t be too disappointed. They also make a good school favor for April 1st. Pranks can be well-meaning and deliciously deceptive.

The cookies are bound to get little imaginations going. The kids will love to pack up one of their special “donuts” to send with mommy or daddy to work to enjoy on their coffee break. With Mother’s Day coming up – it may just be the perfect project to hand over to dad to do with the kids for you. Just make sure they have your favorite cookie recipe handy.

Thank you to Leah for sharing this delicious tutorial with us! You’ll find more of Iced…Bake Shoppe’s creations on their Facebook page. They deliver throughout Canada and the US so you’ll want to keep them in mind for your next special celebration!

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