Cool School Supplies at Fabulous Prices

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Can you believe that it’s Back to School season already?! Actually, some of your children may already be back in school. Why does the winter season always seem so long while summer just flies by? Although my little guy isn’t at the age for school yet, we love shopping for school supplies for at-home learning & crafts. We went to Walmart yesterday and I was amazed at all the great discount school supply deals. There are so many products available for just pennies! Okay…no pennies anymore in Canada so I guess I should say for just nickels!

Discount School Supply Deals

I don’t know if it’s possible to have an obsession with paper but if it is my mom certainly has it. When she heard that the 150 pack of Hilroy paper was on sale for just $0.10, she hopped in the van with us to stock up!

Hilroy 32-page Exercise Notebooks are just $0.05. My mom loves writing her to-do lists in these books. She honestly has a to-do list for everything!

There are so many great deals at prices under $1.00 so it leaves room in your budget for picking up some other cool school supplies that your kids will be excited to put to use.

My son is at the age now where he wants to make his own little art projects. With Crayola Crayons at just $0.25 for a pack of 24 and Crayola Coloured Pencils at just $0.94, we were able to stock up on plenty of art supplies. I have a feeling that our fridge will soon be covered in adorable masterpieces.

Discount School Supply Deals

I picked up some of the Doodle Scents that have fun dessert scents. They left me craving ice cream! There are so many fun scents to choose from. I know it’s really too early to be thinking about Christmas but these would make great stocking stuffers.

Discount School Supply Deals

During my school years, I wasn’t really a girly-girl but I got into pink & everything glitter shortly after high school. If I had a locker of my own now, you can bet that I’d have a light-up chandelier, LED lights and more to personalize my space.

Walmart has so many cool school supplies for girls like brightly coloured notebooks, folders, interior design pieces for your locker, lipstick pens that you can guarantee the boys won’t try to steal and more.

Discount School Supply Deals

Remember the doodling days of school where you’d secretly write your crushes name inside your notebook and look at how dreamy your first name went along with his last name? No secret crushes here for me anymore so I used my new notebook to doodle one of my other loves – cookies & cake!

Discount School Supply Deals

Don’t worry boys, there are plenty of cool school supplies for you too! How about cool puzzle piece notebooks that remind me of LEGO, LEGO characters that turn into pens, a car pen, pens that light up and project images onto the wall and more!

Discount School Supply Deals

I love all the Washi tape and masking tape options that you could use to further personalize your school supplies. Use it on books, binders, pens, lunch bags and more!

Discount School Supply Deals

I found some awesome Big Bang Theory tape by Tape Works and I used it to make a fun party favor for a Back To School Party or simply a Big Bang Theory TV night. Simply wrap a little favor box in the tape, fill it with themed candy (like Nerds or Smarties) and top it with some glasses cupcake picks. Super easy and totally fun!

Big Bang Theory Party Treat

There are also several options for bags of all types and sizes – backpacks, pencil cases, lunch bags and more! I was looking over a few of the stylish lunch bags for myself. They’d be great for my son’s play dates since he has severe food allergies so we always have to pack him his own snacks while we’re visiting with friends.

Discount School Supply Deals

We managed to get quite a few supplies with our $50 budget. My mom is set for her paper supply for a while now…or until next year’s sale.

There’s still time to scoop up your deals at Walmart Canada.

You’ll find these super savings in-store until August 18, 2014.

Discount School Supply Deals

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  1. We went to Walmart this year too for our school supplies. I must say I was impressed with their selection and prices! Thanks for sharing!


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