Top 5 Gender-Neutral Party Ideas For All Ages

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This post is courtesy of our contributor ElizabethThese top party ideas are all gender-neutral and are easily adaptable for all ages. With the help of the Lemonberry Moon party plans, they are all so easy to put together!

Top Party Ideas for All Ages

Top Party Ideas:

Carnival: A Carnival Party is perfect for so many celebrations. It can include games for all ages and is always a good time! Use it as a fundraiser, block party, family reunion or just a good time. The whipped cream pie in Dad’s face was the highlight of this party, who would you like to throw a pie at? There are plenty of DIY game ideas in the Carnival Party Plan.

Mad Scientist Party: The simple experiments in this party can be enjoyed by children as young as three (with parent help) and adults alike! They are all easily done with items you probably already have in your pantry. The voted favorite was definitely the exploding soda, always a good time. Have you ever made ice cream in a Ziploc bag? Get all the how-to’s and recipes in the Mad Scientist Party Plan.

Art Party: Sometimes it’s fun just to get a little messy. Let their creativity fly with an art party. A free create table will work for any age, just choose your materials accordingly. For an older crowd try a bigger mess like paint Twister or a paint balloon fight! Need help with some creative treats? Find the easy DIY recipes in the Art Party Plan.

Camping Party: Whether it’s your favorite camping spot or your own backyard, this theme never gets old. Grab your packs and head outside! A perfect summer party for the nature nut in all of us. Stick around the site or make it a day at the lake (or pool!), end either option with S’mores! Get ideas and inspiration in the Camping Party Plan.

Sweet Shop: Changing up the color scheme on this party will make it a sweet party for boys or girls. Who doesn’t want their own candy shop?! This is a great Sweet 16 theme, graduation or party for your friend with the incredible sweet tooth. Kids will go crazy over this sugar fueled fun. You may lose a few parent friends after sending their kids home all amped up, but the kids will LOVE you! Find some inspiration in the Sweet Shop Party Plan.

We’d like to send a big thank you to Elizabeth of Lemonberry Moon for sharing these creative ideas with us. For more fun party ideas, be sure to follow Elizabeth on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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