Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

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This dictionary scavenger hunt is a fun game for your kids to play while you sneak in a little learning!

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

Searching through the dictionary may not be your child’s idea of fun – but maybe you can convince them to do a little dictionary reading if it’s for a fun game. This dictionary scavenger hunt printable is a fun way for your kids to familiarize themselves with the dictionary and learn what kind of information they can find in it.

Dictionary Scavenger Hunt:

Some questions in this dictionary scavenger hunt are:

  • Is a beaver considered a rodent?
  • What is the plural of moose?
  • What is a Gila Monster?
  • Where do peanuts grow?
  • Do dodo birds still exist?

The answers to all the questions are included on the free printable dictionary scavenger hunt.

For a family game night, you could also use the dictionary for your own family spelling bee. Simply open the dictionary to a random page and each person can take a turn choosing a word for another family member to spell. You can use a bell to ring when the spelling of the word is correct and perhaps a bike horn to sound when the spelling of the word is incorrect.

You can also use the dictionary for a fun definitions game. Have each person take a turn as the reader. The reader would then open up the dictionary and choose a word. The other players will all get a chance to guess at the meaning of the word. There are so many words in the dictionary that this is sure to be a difficult game. The kids are sure to love confusing parents on this game by using some tricky and uncommon words to define.

Do you still use a printed dictionary or do you only use an online version?

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Click here for the free Dictionary Savenger hunt printable

Dictionary Scavenger hunt Printable

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  1. I did this ALL the time to challenge myself as an only child growing up! It was super fun. I would add lil challenges for myself like learn 5 Words that start with the letter…Q! Trust me as a child it’s fun & hard! Then, I’d use them in a sentence. I LOVED words–still do 😀 First time visitor of your blog and love it here already. Thanks for sharing so many super printables & ideas!


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