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There are so many creative date ideas out there but nothing is more special than a personalized date for you and your partner. This idea for taking a special memories tour is easily customizable to include many of the special memories from your relationship. All you’ll need for this date are some creative ideas and your vehicle.

The goal of this creative date is to drive to some of the areas that you’ve shared special moments with your spouse and talk about your memories. You probably both remember different parts about your special moments – you could even have a fun quiz game with each other! Your creative date ideas don’t have to be identical to the original special moment, you can simply visit the locations of the dates and talk about special memories.

For those of you who have moved to a new city, you can still put this date together with a little bit of creativity. For example, did you get engaged in a park in a different city? You can visit a new park while trying to recreate the special moment or talk about your memories of this special event.

Creative Date Ideas – Special Memories Tour:

  • Where did you first meet? Was it at a coffee house? You can go to the coffee house and enjoy some time together talking about good memories.
  • Where did you go for your first date? Is it a restaurant that you can visit again? Was it to a movie in a theatre you could go to?
  • Where did you share your first kiss? You could visit this location again and try to recreate the memory!
  • Where did you get engaged? Did he plan something special for you at home? You could surprise him by creating your own special version of this at home.
  • Where did you get married? You could visit this location and talk about all the special memories you have from your big day.
  • Where were you when you went into labor with your first child? Where did you give birth? Perhaps you could visit the hospital where you gave birth and bring along a donation to their labor & delivery unit.

While out for your drive around the city, you could pack a special picnic in the back of your vehicle to enjoy while watching the sunset.

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