Creating a Haunted House

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Creating a Haunted House Your little ones will love creating a haunted house for their friends and family to enjoy. Here are some fun ideas to try at home.

Ideas for Creating a Haunted House:

  • Create slime (click here for the recipe) and pour into a witch’s cauldron. You can then hide plastic eye balls in the slime mixture. Now here’s the part where you can have fun with your guests! First blindfold the guest, then bring out the slime mixture, have the guest reach in and try to find a “hidden prize” (the plastic eye) and have them guess what it is. Then remove the blindfold for the surprise!
  • Your entrance way to the party can be covered in yellow caution tape. Replace your entrance way light with a spooky colored light bulb like red. You could also set up a motion sensor Halloween statue to frighten welcome guests to the haunted house.
  • A dark entrance way could be covered in cotton spider webs for the guest to get tangled in walk through.
  • Have a family member dressed in costume that can pop out of a closet (or from behind a door) to surprise guests upon their entry to the haunted house.
  • A dry ice fog machine is a great addition when creating a haunted house.
  • When creating a haunted house, you’ll want to make sure the spooky area is dark . Turn off the main lights in the house and replace them with colored light bulbs in lamps (this will help to make the room darker and spookier).
  • Plan an “unexpected” power outage (assign one family member to turn off the electrical breakers) in the party area. Guests will then see the secret messages you left using glow in the dark paint on the walls. A large roll of white paper or an old white sheet can be used as your glowing art canvas to hang on the wall.

Does your family have a tradition of creating a haunted house at home? What are your favorite haunted house tricks or decorations?

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17 thoughts on “Creating a Haunted House”

  1. Where do you come up with these great ideas? Before finding you, I felt sorry for my kids. Now, my friends are asking me what we’re doing next. Thanks for helping with creativity in this house!

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. These are such great ideas!! I saw an idea on Pinterest before about using glow in the dark goo stuff (or paint not sure lol) on stairs so it looks creepy and glows 🙂

  3. I love Halloween parties. We had a neighborhood one not too long ago. We certainly could have used some of your ideas. I like the power outage. 🙂 All in good fun!

  4. You definitely know how to have fun at Halloween 🙂 Thanks for sharing these ideas with Afterschool – I’ll be featuring them in my host round up next Monday.


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