Cooking Dinner With Kids

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Cooking dinner with kids is a fun way to spend an afternoon.  You can start planning your special meal first thing in the morning to allow time for grocery shopping and preparation.

Spend time with your kids choosing the perfect special recipes (appetizer, main course and dessert).  Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons has plenty of fun kid-friendly recipes to choose from. Even your grocery trip can be a mini adventure where your kids help to find everything on the grocery list and perhaps even a few surprise ingredients. You could even bring along this fun & free Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt for some added fun.

You can then have a little craft time where you create special menus to print off and leave at each place setting. Your children and decorate these with drawings, glitter, stickers, etc.

When cooking dinner with kids, have your children help out in the kitchen to create your food masterpieces. You can use this time to teach about basic cooking skills, kitchen safety, food measuring, kitchen tools, etc. Let your kids put their own creative spin on how to display the food as well.

Print off fun menu cards to leave at each place setting on the table. Here are some napkins folding instructions to help you create the perfect place setting. You could also teach the proper way to set a table (what side the forks go on, etc.). Your table could include bright placemats, plastic champagne glasses, and a special homemade centerpiece.

Cooking Dinner with Kids – Meal Time!

Your children can even choose similar looking outfits to wear as wait staff to serve the other members of your family. Each child could be assigned one course (one child serves the appetizers, one child serves the main dish, etc.).

Cooking dinner with kids

Have Fun & Bon Appetit!

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