City Scavenger Hunts

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Looking for a fun activity to play with the kids while touring a new city or while out running errands in your own city?  Then try this fun (and free printable) idea for City Scavenger Hunts.  You can either provide your child with a kid-friendly digital camera or just have them point the findings out to you as they find them.  This is great for kids of all ages and can be played over again when you visit a new area of the city.

City Scavenger Hunts

Ideas for City Scavenger Hunts:

For city scavenger hunts, the sillier the idea the more fun you’ll have. For example, one of the items on your list could be to find someone spinning a sign or another idea could be to find a dressed-up mascot in front of a store. Let your imagination run wild with this one! The items to search for on this free printable game are:

  • a sign for a street name beginning with the letter “W”
  • a payphone
  • a billboard for a fast food restaurant
  • an advertisement for an upcoming event
  • someone walking a dog
  • a store with the letter “Q” in its name
  • a “clearance sale” sign
  • a license plate from another area
  • a red truck
  • train tracks
  • a bumper sticker about animals
  • a park bench
  • an “Open 24 Hours” sign
  • a playground with a slide
  • a “Beware of Dog” sign
  • an advertisement for a vacation
  • a red door
  • a clock outdoors
  • a motorcycle with two people riding on it
  • a bird sitting on a street light

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