Canada Day Maple Leaf Cookies

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This Canada Day Cookies post is courtesy of our contributor LeahRed and white – such iconic colours. The maple leaf almost screams “Canadian.” What Canadian doesn’t look forward to our national day, in the warmth of July with family gatherings, barbeques and the like. Looking for an easy sweet to take to a get-together or an activity for the kids to enjoy? This simple Canada Day cookies tutorial will be a winner. The more creativity the better! These cookies use two colours of icing (it encourages them to be more creative with fewer options) and delicious morsels. It’s an activity and treat that everyone can take a lot of national pride in!

Canada Day Cookies

Canada Day Cookies – Supplies:

  • Maple Leaf cookie cutter – this can be found loose for ~$1 at Michaels or even in many Walmarts in the baking aisle
  • Roll out cookies cut to size – here is a sugar cookie recipe
  • Royal icing in piping and flood consistency (or any other icing/frosting you prefer) in red and white – here’s a royal icing recipe
  • Piping bags are handy but not necessary
  • Sprinkles, sanding sugar, sugar, etc.

Canada Day Cookies

Canada Day Cookies – Instructions:

Bake your cookies as per the recipe and wait for them to cool.

Pipe with pipe consistency icing around the shape of the cookies – just follow the lines.

Continue until all your cookies are outlined.

With flood consistency icing (it doesn’t have to be the same color), fill in the outline.

Continue until all your cookies are flooded.

Let dry for ~3+ hours.

With pipe consistency icing in whichever colour you wish, pipe around the border of the cookie.

Once done, sprinkle with sugar/sprinkles and let dry. This can also be accomplished by placing a plate with the sprinkles/sugar in it and placing your freshly bordered cookie into it. Keep in mind though, for this to work best, the base layer will need to be entirely dry to avoid cracking the icing.


Want that cookie cutter to do double duty that day? Use it to cut out sandwiches, or watermelon slices. Use it on tortillas or pita breads to make healthy, but festive chips (sprinkled with a touch of paprika for those iconic colors).

It’s great to make ice cream sandwiches with, or decor for autumn. I personally love a fresh pie in the autumn with maple leaves adorning the top pastry (or using it to cut a single hole in the middle). The cookie cutter is a great deal and it does not come in a set, often leaving you with less desirable cutters.

With Canada Day right around the corner, make sure to celebrate with good food and good friends. Shout out your Canadian pride with sugar!

Thank you to Leah for sharing this delicious tutorial with us! You’ll find more of Iced…Bake Shoppe’s creations on their Facebook page. They deliver throughout Canada and the US so you’ll want to keep them in mind for your next special celebration!

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    • Hi! I’d start by checking at Michaels. They usually have a good selection of sprinkles. They may not come out until closer to Canada Day though.


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