Tutorial For Making Colored Rice

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This post on How To Make Colored Rice is courtesy of our contributor MichelleDo you have rice in your party supply stash? No? This month I’m sharing an alternative use for rice at your parties. I use rice all the time when styling my parties; it’s a great and inexpensive container filler for holding cake pops, lollipops or anything on a stick.

How To Make Colored Rice

With food coloring, you can dye rice to match any party theme. For example, I used blue rice as “water” for my son’s Nautical Mickey Party to hold cake pops. I added some Swedish fish to tie in with the theme.

Mickey Mouse Nautical Party

I also used rice for my son’s Cowboy Party and our recent Nacho Libre Father’s Day Fiesta to hold themed cake pops.

Cowboy Party


I find it’s a great alternative to using candy as filler, it adds color and it’s an easy project to do with the kids. Best of all, you can bag the rice and save it for other projects throughout the year.

A couple of years ago, I hosted a Fourth of July barbeque and I decided to fill Coca Cola bottles with Red White and Blue rice for an extra patriotic flair.

How To Make Colored Rice:

What you will need:

  • Rice
  • Vase or bottle
  • 2 plastic self-sealing bags
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Scissors

How To Make Colored Rice


Divide rice in 3 parts (quantity will vary based on your vase or bottle size).

Set aside 1 of those 3 parts of rice that you will not be coloring.

Place 1/3 part rice in a plastic bag and add several drops of food coloring.

Seal the bag and shake, shake, shake.

Add more food coloring until the rice is the desired color; I usually use about 12-14 drops.

Repeat the process for the remaining bag of rice.

How To Make Colored Rice

Cut a small whole in the bottom corner of the bag to pour the rice in your vase/bottle.

How To Make Colored Rice

For this rice, I started with Red, and then I added the plain white and finally the blue rice. You can also mix it all together for a confetti look!

How To Make Colored Rice

Looking for more Fourth of July ideas? Check out the photos from our Let Freedom Ring Fourth of July party. See you next time!

Let Freedom Ring Party

Let Freedom Ring Party

Let Freedom Ring Party

Let Freedom Ring Party

Thank you to Michelle for sharing this creative tutorial with us. I always love the way her parties turn out. They are always filled with amazing details! For more creative ideas by Michelle, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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