Camping Indoors

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Camping indoors is a fun activity you can enjoy with your kids when you’re schedule or the weather doesn’t allow for some fun outdoor camping adventures. With a few supplies and a great imagination, you can create a fun indoor camping adventure for the entire family to enjoy.

Camping Indoors – Decorations:

If your children have a small play tent, this would be perfect for your indoor camping fun. If not, you can always set up your own small tent in the house or even create your own using couches, chairs and sheets.

Camping Indoors IdeasTo set the scene for a night sky, you could buy some star and planet decals that you can hang up on the wall for some fun star gazing. Glow in the dark stars are perfect for star gazing indoors!

Camping Indoors Decor

Camping Indoors – Activities:

What would a camping adventure be without fishing?! You can build a boat out of couch cushions and go for a fishing adventure using a magnetic fishing set (I found one at our local dollar store) and a fishing net. Don’t forget to bring along your bait – gummie worms work great for this! To help set the scene for water around your boat, you can use blue streamer paper on the floor.

Camping Indoors - Fishing

Camping Indoors - Bait

Camping Indoors – Food:

After your big fishing trip, you’ll want to have a fish fry! Gummie fish and goldfish crackers in a frying pan are a fun snack for your little fishermen. Just bring along a frying pan and some red & yellow tissue paper for making your own fire pit.

After your fish fry, you could also make some s’mores with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Parents will need to help with this activity as the s’mores will need to be slightly heated using something like the microwave. Camping Indoors Food

Have you ever had an indoor camping adventure?

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