Father’s Day Ideas

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Father's Day IdeasFather’s Day is fast approaching! Have your kids started brainstorming ideas to celebrate this special day with dad? Here are a few Father’s Day ideas that are just as fun for dad as they are for the kids!

Create a buffet of fun food for dad. The fabulous printable tie banner featured above can be printed for free at Amanda’s Parties To Go.  She has other great free printables for Father’s Day – I’d recommend you go take a look!

Father’s Day Ideas – Food:

  • Root Beer with moustache straws (here are some free printable moustaches)
  • Chicken Wings
  • Beef Jerky
  • Bits & Bites (could refer to them as Nuts & Bolts)
  • Big sub sandwiches – could refer to them as Man-Wiches
  • Licorice cigars
  • Beer meatballs
  • Gummie fish with a table tent card reading “Catch Of The Day”
  • Gummie worms with a table tent card reading “Fishing Bait”
  • Chocolate cars

Father's Day Ideas - Food

Father's Day Ideas - Treats

Father's Day Ideas - Snacks

Father’s Day Ideas – Activities:

You’ll want to plan some fun games for your Father’s Day celebration as well. You could set out fun games around the backyard. Some of these games can be set up in stations and set a timer for 1 minute at each station. When the timer rings, move onto the next station. Try to score as many points at each station as possible within your time limit. You can keep a “High Score” board at each station for each person to write their score on after their timer runs out.

Some fun Father’s Day ideas for games include:

  • hockey net, stick and puck
  • soccer net and ball
  • small kids pool and a magnetic fishing game
  • archery set with targets
  • basketball hoop and ball
  • build LEGO cars and race down a ramp
  • play catch
  • flying kites
  • small plastic golf club, ball and hole (cup) to putt into
  • water balloon dodge ball

Most of the games featured below I found at our local dollar store. There are so many fun games to choose from without having to spend a lot of money.

Father's Day Ideas - Games

Father's Day Ideas - Activities

Father's Day Ideas for Games

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  1. I wish I had half of your creativity! I pinned this to my father’s day board – hopefully it gives me some inspiration to do something fun for my hubby! 🙂


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