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I’m going to be honest with you, when I first started brainstorming ideas for a Breakup Party I started thinking of things like a Pin The Rash On The Ex type of game (similar to Pin The Tail On The Donkey but this one involved rashes, moles and itchy spots). I guess that gives away that I’ve had a rotten breakup or two in the past. I quickly scratched that idea and started focusing on the newly single lady and all the amazing opportunities she has in her future. Sure, one guy may be history but think of all the possibilities for new dates, enjoying the single life, travel and more! That’s a much better way to celebrate than trying to pin a wart on a drawing of your ex, right?!

Breakup Party

Why host a party for a breakup? Because it beats sitting at home alone with a bucket of ice cream, watching The Notebook and crying yourself to sleep. Now…let’s get started!

Breakup Party Ideas:

The fabulous Wendy of Wendy’s Printable Party helped put my ideas into a printable format. I love working with her – she totally understands my vision! For this party I went with a pink, gold and black theme with a lot of sparkle. Everything is better with sparkle!

Like I mentioned above, this party is to focus on your newly single friend and all the exciting things in her future. She’s now Single & Ready To Mingle so we went with that theme for our party.

Breakup Party

To start with, send out invites to all her best girlfriends announcing her newly single status. If a guy could turn a girl like her down, it’s a good thing he’s history! Let’s help her celebrate new beginnings.

Breakup Party

For party food, anything with chocolate is always a hit! You could serve chocolate fondue with fruit and cake pieces to dip, mini cheesecakes, chocolate dipped fruit, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes. We have cute cupcake toppers to help dress up your desserts.

Breakup Party

Breakup Party

Breakup Party

Martini glasses could be filled with your favorite beverages – I used cranberry juice here.

Breakup Party

A breakup can often leave you feeling like you did something wrong or like you need to change something about yourself. Have your party guests remind your friend just how fabulous she is on these cute note cards. She can pull these out and read them when she feels sad instead of crying over pictures of her ex.

Breakup Party

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Breakup party Printables

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Breakup Party

Moment of truth time – how did you celebrate your last breakup? A night out with your best girlfriends? A quiet night at home? I went out for supper with a friend after my last breakup (it was a long time ago now) and it was great to be out with someone fun!

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