Our Cat Food Challenge – Second Week Report

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We’ve just completed our second week of the Cats Aging Gracefully campaign in our quest to find the best dry cat food for mature cats. If you recall from Week 1, our “mature” cat Ally had a big problem with shedding plus she has lost a lot of her energy over the past few years. The veterinarian suggested trying the Royal Canin Hair & Skin 33 formula and within the first week we already saw a significant decrease in the amount of hair she was shedding. Over this past week we’ve noticed even more changes as a result of her new diet.

Increased Energy:

Ally has been a part of our family since she was a kitten so we’ve seen the changes in her mood and energy level over the years. She was an energetic kitten always looking for something to play with but over the years she’s become a couch potato. Instead of playing with her younger brother, Iggy, she preferred laying on the couch and suntanning by the patio window.

Since changing to the Royal Canin formula, we’ve noticed that she has more energy and she is alert more during the day. She has a little of her kitten personality back (although she can’t jump like she used to) and wants to play with cat toys, feathers and her little brother.

Best Dry Cat Food For Mature Cats

Interest in Eating:

Before switching to this new formulation, Ally didn’t really have an interest in eating. When we filled the food bowls, she’d take her time to get downstairs and wouldn’t be too interested in what she found in her dish. Her brother had always been the more aggressive one when it came to mealtime. Oh, how the tables have turned! Ally now races downstairs for mealtime and she’s quick to push her brother out of the way before he gobbles up all of the food. Check out the picture of Iggy below – he now politely waits his turn while Ally gobbles down her food. They each have their own dish but for some reason they always have their faces in the same bowl!

Best Dry Cat Food For Mature Cats

Decrease in Shedding:

We’re happy to report that Ally is shedding a lot less. This is a huge relief! I was starting to get worried that I may be developing an allergy to her because her shedding problem was so bad. Now she can sit on my lap again without me constantly sneezing!

Best Dry Cat Food for Mature Cats:

Depending on the health concerns you have with your mature cat, a veterinarian can help you to choose the best dry food for your furry family member. There are many different formulations to try and a veterinarian can assist you with a few trials until you find the formulation that is right for your mature cat. Best Dry Cat Food For Mature Cats

You can follow our conversations on Twitter by joining the hashtag #CatsAgingGracefully and you can learn more about the options for the best dry cat food for mature cats here. Have a health-related question about your mature cat? Let us know about it in the comments below and we’ll see if we can track down an answer for you.

*Disclosure: I am part of the Cats Aging Gracefully campaign and receive perks as part of my involvement. All opinions expressed here are my own.

11 thoughts on “Our Cat Food Challenge – Second Week Report”

  1. So great to hear that Ally is being a lot more active and that her coat has gotten better. I have two boys. Mojo 5, Rascal 6-6.5 yrs. Mojo doesn’t shed too much. It’s actually pretty minimal.

    Rascal on the other hand, sheds like crazy! The hair drives me batty sometimes.. Just pet him and it comes off like no tomorrow. I’ve tried brushing him and all is does is give him dandruff. Not sure why. I notice the flakes like crazy if I brush him. They aren’t there when he’s not being brushed.

    What I am having difficulty with is the price of the Royal Canin food. Mojo had UTI surgery last summer and the vet put him on Royal Canin Urinary SO. I did notice they were eating less and the food seemed to last longer as well.

    But I really was having a hard time keeping up with being able to afford it every month or two. Funny because a 8kg bag of $7 cat food only lasts a week. So I am spending more but yet I can afford it? Lol I think it’s all timing. And when I have funds. I never seem to have the budget to keep up with vet cat food though.

    Anyway my question is… is there a brand I can get that would help both of my kitties? Their food stays out. I put about 2 cups in their dish every morning and that lasts them till the next morning, sometimes a little longer. I would like to find a food that will help with Rascals shedding and be safe for Mojo so that the UTI doesn’t return again as I can’t afford another $900 vet bill 🙁 Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Tasha,

      I am a veterinarian at Royal Canin Canada and will try to help you with your question.

      Lower urinary tract disease is a common issue in cats which can be life-threatening and extremely costly, as you already know. This link gives a good explanation of how diets can help treat and prevent lower urinary tract disease: http://www.petfoodnutrition.com/feline-idiopathic-cystitis-fic-flutd/. While all of the Royal Canin feline diets are created to promote optimal urinary health, the Urinary SO is uniquely adapted to to treat and maintain cats with a history of urinary problems. There are no other products available that work in the same way. Your veterinarian is the most qualified person to determine if this is the best formula for Mojo, because that decision will be dependent on a number of factors including his health history.

      Urinary SO is appropriate as an adult maintenance diet for healthy adult cats, but it may not be the best nutritional answer for Rascal, given the signs you are observing. For Rascal, the dandruff you are describing is likely always sitting on the surface of his skin, brushing him simply pulls the flakes to the surface so you see them. The Hair & Skin formula that Cheryl has Ally on is enhanced with nutrients to strengthen the skin and coat to help reduce skin dryness and flaking, and reduce shedding as well.

      My cats have to eat separate formulas, and I find it helpful to meal feed each cat at a separate feeding station. The benefit of meal feeding is the food stays fresher, and if one of the cats is eating less or stops eating, you will know right away which cat is sick.

      Remember even though it may cost more up front to purchase these formulas, when the food is high quality and highly digestible, less food needs to be consumed in order to meet the cat’s nutrition requirements. Especially when you have a cat with a history of a health issue, investing in prevention will help to save money in the long run.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, and would encourage you to contact the Royal Canin Consumer Affairs team if you would like more information or assistance in choosing the best formula.

      Dr Sara Ritzie

  2. Our little kitty is still under a year old, so we are a while from this stage. Good to know there are great products out there for every age of a cat’s life.

  3. Your kitties are so cute! 🙂 I keep trying to convince the hubs for us to get a cat or dog (I’m not picky, lol,) and one thing that “worries” us is shedding. Thanks for the info on how to possibly minimize it!


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