Barnyard Animals Party

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Looking to plan one of the coolest birthday parties for your child?  Then you may want to consider a Barnyard Animals Party.  There are so many ideas to make this birthday party theme unique and special for your child.  Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, decorations, food, activities and treat bags.  Get ready to party until the cows come home!

Barnyard Animals Party – Invitations: has so many cute and unique ideas for almost any theme you can think of for your child.  Their Farm Animals theme is perfect for a Barnyard Animals Party.  Their unique squiggle invitations (featured below) come with 11 lines of personalization.  The return address labels are a nice added touch.

Consider adding a fun intro line on the invitations like:

  • “Let’s Party Until The Cows Come Home!”
  • “Partying Until Pigs Fly!”
  • “Mosey On Over To {Child’s Name}’s Birthday!”

In the invites you may want to also invite the guests to come dressed in their best farm gear. Barnyard Animals Party - Invitations1. Farm Animals – Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations
2. Barnyard Personalized Invitation
3. Farm Animals – 30 Personalized Birthday Party Return Address Labels

Barnyard Animal Party – Decorations:

If you have access to a place to purchase hay, it’s an excellent decor idea for a Barnyard Animal Party!  If you don’t have access to a barn, the backyard or garage would be a great place for some of the party festivities.

Red & white decor (such as streamers, table cloths and balloons) are a perfect fit for this theme.  Check your local dollar store for red & white checkered table linens.  Farm animal print balloons (or even just a cluster of white and black) are a nice added touch as well.

Metals pails are a fun idea either for decor or to serve some of the food items out of.

If you could build or rent a small wooden dance floor, it would be perfect for hosting a barn dance (I’ll discuss this later in the activities section). Barnyard Animals Party - Decorations1. Barnyard Wall Decoration
2. Tractor Pinata
3. Barnyard Balloon
4. Cow Print Balloons
5. Cow Balloon
6. Farm Animal Print Balloons
7. Pig Balloon
8. Cow Print Plastic Tablecloth
9. Barnyard Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Barnyard Animals Party – Food:

One of the great things about a Barnyard Animals Party is that any sort of BBQ is a perfect fit with the theme.  White & red table decor are a perfect match.

When I think of Barnyard Animals I remember going to petting zoos as a child and being given little cups of petting zoo feed for the animals.  You could create a small trail mix snack (seeds, chocolate coated candies, dried fruit) and place this in little cups (or the cute little metal pails shown below) with a sign “Petting Zoo Feed” for the kids to nibble on. Barnyard Animals Party - Food1. Mini Metal Buckets
2. Farm Animals Dinner Plates
3. Barnyard Dinner Plates

Barnyard Animals Party – Dessert:

For dessert snacks, you can create some delicious Chocolate Coconut Macaroons and place them on a tray labeled “Cow Pies”.  Another idea is to create crispy rice marshmallow treats, place them in muffin tins, push down on the middle to create a little dip, add in a few chocolate mini egg treats then let them set before removing from the tin – create a label called “Chicken Nests”.

These farm animal cupcakes from Betty Crocker are incredibly cute! Barnyard Animals Party - Dessert1. Barnyard Candle
2. Barn Candle
3. Farm Animals Candle Set
4. Farm Animals – Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers
5. Farm Animal Cupcake Picks
6. John Deere Cupcake Pick and Wrappers

Barnyard Animals Party – Activities:

Set aside an area with a small dance floor, some hay along the side as decoration, and host a small “Barn Dance”.  You can play some country music and teach the kids some line dancing & the chicken dance.  This is sure to be fun for everyone!

Do you have cowboy entertainers for hire in your city?  This would be an entertaining addition for the kids!

Is there a company that has small petting zoo animals for parties?  Consider bringing in a few small animals & their owner for a little visit.

Find a cartoon image of sheep and print off quite a few of them.  Post them up around the party area on the walls, the furniture, under tables, etc. and tell the kids that you’re having a “Sheep Herding Contest”.  Blow a whistle and the kids must scatter to find and grab as many sheep as they can within a short time frame.  The child who “herded” the most sheep wins a small prize.

A great addition to any party is a pinata.  A farm animal pinata would be a fun activity for the kids.

If you have a place to buy hay from (or you could use a bunch of shredded paper as hay) you could have a “Find The Needle In The Haystack” contest.  Rather than use a small dangerous needle, you could use something else small like a needle shape cut out of thick paper.  Hide this in the hay let the kids dig through to find it.  The first person to find the “needle” is the winner.

Barnyard Animals Party – Treat Bags:

Here are some fun ideas for a Barnyard Animals Party treat bag:

  • farm animal stickers
  • farm shaped straws
  • animal water squirters
  • farm animal foam balls
  • personalized chocolate bars
  • chocolate eggs
  • mini Old MacDonald Memory Card Games

Barnyard Animals Party - Favors

1. Barnyard Deluxe Favor Set
2. Barnyard Favor Set
3. Barnyard 1st Birthday Favor Set
4. Farm Animals Dress-Up Sticker
5. Farm Animals Ultimate Favor Set
6. Barn Favor Box
7. Cow Headband
8. Barnyard Party Blowers
9. Farm Animals Lunch Box

What’s your favorite barnyard animal?

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