4 Reasons To Take Your Baby To Disney World

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This post is courtesy of our travel writer Cheryl of Kids On A PlaneMany friends have asked “When’s the best time to take the kids to Disney World?”. My opinion on this may not be the most popular as I love Disney World but I think taking a baby to Orlando is pretty manageable. Even easier than traveling with a toddler or school-aged children.

Parents can still have a ton of fun at Disney World with a little one in tow. Yes it may not be the most relaxing vacation you’ll take as a family but traveling with babies in general is not without its share of hiccups and problems but there’s also no need to wait for them to be old enough to remember it.

Baby to Walt Disney World

4 Reasons to Take Your Baby to Walt Disney World:

Babies Are FREE!

Children under the age of 3 are free. Seeing as how a one day ticket for a 3+ year old child is just under $100 a day, you’d be saving quite a bit taking your baby to Disney World.

Baby Friendly Hotels and Baby Equipment Rental Companies Make It Easy!

Whether you decide to book a Disney owned resort or an offsite hotel, almost all are baby-friendly.

Disney owned hotels have complimentary Pack ‘n’ Play playards and bed rails available (it is first come first serve, however), and microwaves to warm up food and sterilize bottles.

There are many companies that rent baby equipment and gear (including cribs, strollers and portable bath tubs) for families with babies. And in almost all cases, these companies will deliver everything right to your hotel so you don’t have to go running around the city looking for things.

You’re Still Able to Enjoy All the Rides!

Thanks to Rider Switch – also known as Child Swap – parents can still go on their favorite rides. Rider Switch allows Disney theme park visitors with small children to take turns riding the “tall people” rides while the other parent or adults wait with baby (or kids).

All you need to do to take advantage of this is to tell the Cast Member at the line entrance that you’d like to use Rider Switch. The “riders” proceed onto the rider while the “waiters” (or babysitters) receive a Rider Switch pass. Once the “riders” come off the ride, they switch places with the “waiters” and watch the kids.

Less time with Dumbo, more time with Aerosmith.

Baby to Walt Disney World

Make the Trip All About You

This may sound selfish, but planning a vacation around your needs and interests instead of your kids is one of the biggest reasons to take a baby to Disney World. No need to wait in line to meet your favorite Disney character unless you really want to.

Baby to Walt Disney World

Disney makes it really easy to travel with an infant.

There are Baby Centers and First Aid Centers at each of the parks. If you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding or just need a quiet place to escape, baby centers offer high chairs, microwaves, private breastfeeding rooms, change tables and baby care supplies (diapers, wipes, bottled food etc).

It is one of my husband and I’s favorite places in each of the parks. HA! Unfortunately, our kids are past the baby stage so we don’t make use of Baby Care Centers often anymore but when they were at the infant and toddler stage it made touring a theme park in one day possible.

Diaper blowouts, finding a quiet place to nap in a crowded and noisy theme park, looking for a microwave to warm up baby food or bottles of milk – no problem when you’re at a Disney theme park!

Baby to Walt Disney World

When you travel with a baby, food is very affordable or practically free (if breastfeeding) so parents can make their dining selections for themselves. There’s less picky eaters to deal with and Walt Disney World parks, hotels and surrounding areas offer some incredible dining options.

If you think it’s all hotdogs, pizza and fries at the parks, you’ll be surprised that Disney World theme parks offer a variety of cultural and unique dishes.

Duck confit and escargot, anyone?

Baby to Walt Disney World

Baby to Walt Disney World

You can eat the entire tray of beignets without having to share with anyone.

Baby to Walt Disney World

Is there such thing as a relaxing Disney World vacation? Yes, it’s totally possible because there are several quiet places inside the parks and at Disney World resort hotels that offer families a quiet place to relax and decompress.

The beach at the Grand Floridian and the garden just outside Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase are two of many of my favorite spots to spend some time away from the park crowds.

Baby to Walt Disney World

I always recommend theme park loving parents to consider going to WDW with their babies because it’s a much easier way to travel with kids – they don’t have opinions on what to see or do and the cost is quite minimal.

It’s almost similar to Disney World without kids but just with a few pieces of baby gear and equipment. Once the kids start walking and talking, a Disney World trip becomes more about them and less about you. So don’t wait!

Have you been to Disney World with a baby? Would you recommend it to other theme park loving parents?

Baby to Walt Disney World

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