Baby Shower Charades

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These baby shower charades are all about things you do with or for a baby. From first discovering you are pregnant to changing those messy diapers and everything in between! Since some of the charades are so easy to guess, give each player one minute to act out as many charades as her team can guess correctly. For example, have the “actor” select one charade and quickly act it out. As soon as her team guesses the correct answer, she grabs another random charade and starts to act that one out.

The goal is to get your team to guess as many charades within that one minute as possible. Remember that there is no talking allowed by the “actor” in charades.

Baby Shower Charades

Baby Shower Charades – Sneak Peek:

Here are some of the charades that you’ll find on this free printable game:

Baby Shower Charades

  • changing a dirty diaper
  • rocking a baby to sleep
  • registering for baby gifts
  • nursing the baby
  • giving baby a bath
  • first discovering you are pregnant
  • buckling baby into the car seat
  • pushing baby in a stroller
  • painting the nursery
  • building the crib
  • midnight cravings
  • giving birth
  • decorating for a baby shower
  • burping the baby
  • testing the temperature of the milk
  • dressing the baby
  • swaddling the baby
  • pumping milk
  • taking pictures of the baby
  • making a scrapbook for baby
  • feeding baby first solid food
  • making your own baby food
  • installing the baby car seat
  • bringing baby home from the hospital
  • folding up the stroller
  • singing to baby
  • sterilizing bottles
  • buying diapers
  • washing baby’s laundry
  • introducing baby to family members
  • changing batteries in the crib mobile
  • applying diaper rash cream
  • clipping baby’s nails
  • applying baby lotion
  • reading baby a book
  • making baby laugh

Baby Shower

Print the baby shower charades

Which of these baby shower charades would you have trouble acting out? What ideas do you have to add to this baby shower charades game? Let us know in the comments below.

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