Fiesta Party for Playgroup

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A fun play date idea that is good for all ages is a fun fiesta party! Decorating for a fiesta party is easy & fun because of the wide variety of bright colors you can use to mix & match in table linens, dinnerware, napkins and balloons.  You could purchase small plastic sombreros and a fiesta backdrop from your local party supply store and set up a photo area for your guests.

Fiesta Party

Baby Fiesta Party Ideas:

Other fun fiesta party decor supplies include inflatable animals such as flamingos, fish and monkeys.  They are perfect for pictures and as entertainment for the kids.

A fiesta party isn’t complete without a piñata.  You can fill it with a variety of treats or small toys that are appropriate for your age group.

For a fun activity idea, contact a salsa dance instructor to attend to do a sample mommy & me salsa class that is adaptable for all ages.  The mommy & me salsa classes are a lot of fun for both moms & little ones. I’ve tried the class and I can tell you that you will feel like you had a workout after dancing with your baby for 30 minutes.

Snack ideas can be as easy as nachos, corn chips, salsa and guacamole. An adult fiesta party would likely include some delicious margaritas…which unfortunately aren’t appropriate for a playgroup party! As an alternative, you could include a small snow cone machine with fun & fruity flavors for all ages to enjoy.

These fiesta party ideas work well both in a fun summer outdoor setting and an indoor winter party to escape from the cold weather outdoors.

Does your playgroup hold regular parties for the moms & little ones? If so, what was the last party that your group had?

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